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Wayward Pines Episode 3: Our Town, Our Law

Updated on July 19, 2015
Ethan speaking with Kate after Beverly's reckoning
Ethan speaking with Kate after Beverly's reckoning | Source

Personal Thoughts on the Episode

I liked it. After having read the book, I've found myself more than a little confused at the writers' order of revelations. Having his family emerge so soon is...interesting, to say the least. I've been waiting for Ethan to get out of Wayward Pines for a while because what's actually outside the town is, in a word, ridiculous, particuarly with the explanation that comes afterward. It's outside where Ethan manages to find the 'stockhouse' for Wayward Pines by climbing in through an air vent. I guess having him hide in a food truck is okay though.

Terrence Howard finally stepped up his game with his ice cream though. Instead of being just an awkward gimmick, he's incorporated it into a much more frightening appearance during this episode, which is just as well considering how much time he had left in the show. Everyone else keeps up their part and we officially say goodbye to Juliette Lewis (who was playing Beverly Brown before she was killed in the climax of last episode).


What Happens?

The episode opens up immediately after the end of episode 2, the 'reckoning of Beverly Brown.' Ethan is nearly caught by SWAT-looking individuals but makes it back to his old partner's home. He and Kate Hewson discuss how things are run in town and that Beverly talked about the past and had to be 'reckoned.' She warns Ethan that he's gotten a second chance when they didn't turn him in and that he should take it, ignoring him every time he tries to convince her to run away with him. Afterwards, he finds Beverly's body hanging up inside a house and gives her some measure of dignity.

We're back with Ethan who is in Beverly's empty home as it's being shown to a different couple thinking to move in. Ethan then sees a food truck with a Wyoming license plate and sees it as his ticket out of Wayward Pines. He climbs inside and stows away.

We catch a glance back to Ethan's cautiously optimistic wife and pessimistic son who are now on the looking for Ethan who mention his old affair. Later, she's at the Secret Service office to find out more about Ethan's disappearance and its possible affiliation with his old flame Kate. They go to his last known location, a gas station, and are directed to Wayward Pines but on the way they're caught by Sheriff Pope who is acting shady as all getout and is sabotaging their vehicle.

Hiding in the food truck, Ethan's ride stops. He gets out and finds himself in a rather trippy scifi-esque corridor with signs leading down several storehouses labeled things like grains and sugar. He ends up finding his wife's car before hiding in it, finding his personal belongings and his son's guitar. Then people come into the area with flashlights after turning off the major source of light, searching for Ethan. He's found and drugged by Pope but Ethan quickly loses the fight due to the sedative. He wakes up to a phone ringing in in his hospital room.


More of What Happens

He is told that his wife and child have taken up residence in Beverly's old home. He goes there and finds them and has a reunion (one which definitely does not happen for some time in the books). Apparently they experienced a wreck that they don't remember except they were told Pope brought them in. The home salesman then walks into the room and warmly threatens Ethan by referencing the 'security systems' which are surely keeping tabs on him and his family. Ethan levels with his wife and encourages her to keep herself and their son out of harm's way.

Ethan then confronts Sheriff Pope and Nurse Pam about keeping away from his family and addressing the strange state of the town. Pam does nothing to refute Ethan's claims and seems unfazed, instead going on to explain just how "extraordinary" and perfect the town is. After a call comes in, Ethan realizes Pope isn't the head honcho of the town and leaves to be confronted by Dr. Jenkins, the doctor who tried to operate on Ethan's skull, who now tries to convince Ethan to settle and live with his family in Wayward Pines. The Secret Service agent is still having none of it and is determined to get out of town. Ethan goes off to talk with Kate secretly and Ben follows. They discuss Kate's 12 years in Wayward Pines versus Ethan's 5 days and her unwillingness to help him.

Pope gives Thersa an incredibly unsettling visit in her new home alone where he eats her ice cream and practically demands appreciation from the family of Burkes. The son, Ben, then runs home to tell his mother about his dad and Kate. By the time Ethan gets back, her wedding ring is left for him and they're walking on the road. Drunk on ice cream, Pope pursues them in a car and corners them at the fence. He scuffles with the family until the son hits Pope with the Sheriff's own vehicle. Before Ethan shoots Pope, the Sheriff warns Ethan that the "Truth is worse than anything you can imagine." Ethan opens the fence only to catch a glimpse of something that quickly snatches Pope's body, dissuading the family from leaving, as they pull back to town with the screams of creatures beyond the town's wall.

Goodbye Pope with your ice cream gimmick
Goodbye Pope with your ice cream gimmick | Source

Closing Thoughts

Welp, I need to finish the second book as all of the previews for the next episode seem unrelated to the first book.

Otherwise this episode definitely takes some liberties with its source material but doesn't necessarily suffer for it. Some things are out of order or removed entirely during the adaptation and the lines between Pines (the first book) and Wayward (its sequel) seem to blur and mix. It's hard to pick out a moment in time in the books that matches where the show is as things definitely have begun to mix.

I'm not sure if they're dividing the character of Pilcher into two or not, which is another way of me saying, you don't give a cane to a young-ish character (pictured above) without giving him some importance in your story, although for the life of me I can't think of who'd he would be. Granted, the character is obviously important as he's introducing new Wayward Pines residences to their prospective homes, which is a huge deal considering the entire state of the town.

Next episode doesn't seem to be getting to the 'Abbys' (these are the creatures you glimpse carrying away Pope's body) but I'm interested in seeing what they make of them considering the respectable budget for this adaptation.

Regardless, I'm still interested in seeing how this plays out. They've given considerably more time investing into the 'villains' and they just killed off one so I suppose that means we'll have to start building up another characters for the future stories to hold water, otherwise we'll be going through the motions with a town that doesn't really have a face to trigger any interest, but then again, we'll have to see.

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