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Wayward Pines Episode 6: Choices

Updated on July 19, 2015
Kate coming to see Theresa, showing an absurdly creepy face while doing so
Kate coming to see Theresa, showing an absurdly creepy face while doing so | Source

Initial Impressions

Lots of exposition this episode, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Where last episode we were given the state of the town through Ben's eyes, this episode we hear everything from the head of the operation, David Pilcher. We get to see how Wayward Pines is possible in the post-apocalypse, and the backstory (or at least claimed backstory) of the big man himself. This episode and the last one have largely been more informative than plot actually occurring, although we're given a developing story with Kate and her husband. I found it a really good episode.

I'd complain a little that we're taking a full two episodes to focus mostly on exposition to explain the plot, but largely it's been entertaining despite already knowing everything (since I've read the books). There's a few that I actually appreciate and feel that it builds on the original script.

David and Pamela taking Ethan on a tour through the Mountain Complex
David and Pamela taking Ethan on a tour through the Mountain Complex | Source

What Happened?

There’s a ruined landscape of Wayward Pines as David Pilcher walks through the city of ruin, sporting a full head of hair. Cue intro scene.

We flash to a girl on her bike looking at the sky, seeing the helicopter with Pilcher, Ethan, Pam, and the one armed guard/pilot. Pilcher leads Ethan into a hidden base in the mountain, leading him through a tour. Ethan sees the woman who answered his phone calls to the Secret Service in the past. When Pilcher is called away, Pam cleans Ethan’s arm while unapologetically apologizing about her previous rudeness. It’s revealed that Pam is Pilcher’s sister. After Pam leaves Ethan, he discovers an Abbie in containment. Pilcher reveals that mankind’s presence on the Earth caused a mutation in humans that would spiral out into the Abbies.

It flashes back to the Pilcher siblings where Davis is frustrated when his words of warning is ignored and mocked. David creates a company in an attempt to avoid the mutation future and we get a glimpse of Sheriff Pope in his employ. Back in the present, Pilcher talks about hiding his funding and that the dissapearances of people was what caught some third party eyes, namely the Secret Service. Ethan is introduced to an unconscious woman named Sara, someone who has just been taken out of stasis among many, many others that he gets to see.

David reveals that all the people in stasis were those kidnapped in order to preserve the human race. Pilcher claims that what he’s done is an act of saving rather than kidnapping. Flashing back again, Pilcher meets the Wayward Pines school teacher, Miss Fisher. Later in the flashback, Pilcher takes time to level with Pope, bringing him completely into the fold that is the Wayward Pines project. Pope begins the kidnapping process, first abducting a doctor who lost his license some years past, Dr. Charles Keen.

David Pilcher starts a conversation with Ethan about the ethics of his decision. During this, we’re treated to a flashback of Pilcher and his crew coming out of stasis for the first time. Pilcher explains how they built the town, then tried to keep it safe from the Abbies and dissenters. He then turns the conversation to Ethan’s importance in changing the town. Ethan counters by saying to tell them the truth and Pilcher responds that he already tried. The scene flashes back again to the scene the episode started with, claiming the current town is the second attempt. Some attempted to run but were run down by the Abbies and many others committed suicide. Pilcher then reveals that the school is introducing the reality of the world to the children, preparing the next generation more fluidly.

Theresa's boss effectively stopping her investigation into Lot 33
Theresa's boss effectively stopping her investigation into Lot 33 | Source

Back in town, Theresa tries figuring out what’s wrong with her son.He talks about how insignificant he felt before Wayward Pines, being one person of several billion. It's changed and a sudden feeling of responsibility of the people’s actions in the world really do matter, since he understands that Wayward Pines is the last town on earth. He’s largely absent for most of the episode until close to the end, resolving himself over the knowledge of the world and not telling his parents what he knows.

Kate receives a delivery from a man named Ted. They go to the back very secretly and Kate and her husband give Ted a hard time about meeting in relative public. Ted claims to be having problems locating a different package. Later after Theresa leaves with Kate, Ted comes in and sneakily takes away the package in question. Eventually Harold gets a hold of the package and speaks to his wife about discovering what’s outside the town, referencing Harold’s old fiancé before Wayward Pines.

At work, Theresa watches another coworker, Henrietta, quit when she doesn’t get a promotion after eight years. They have a conversation outside and Theresa tries to level with Henrietta but the older woman shushes her up. Theresa finds the missing package that talks about Plot 33. Her boss somewhat violently shuts her down. Kate drops by and asks to talk so they go to the coffee shop. Kate confides in Theresa and claims that she wants to change things.

When Theresa’s boss leaves, she takes the survey of Lot 33 and goes to the location. Back to the creator of Wayward Pines, Ethan and David become more agreeable about the town. Pilcher asks Ethan to intercede and stop a group of dissenters from damaging the fence, referring back to Harold and Kate. They’re shown to be placing a bomb within music box just as the episode ends.

The captured Abbie staring at Ethan.
The captured Abbie staring at Ethan. | Source

Closing Thoughts

First, I'm not sure about the pacing. With this episode, we've decidedly hit the end of the first book, which in my opinion was the best. The numerous secrets revealed and peeled away piece by piece is fantastic in that novel, and while the other two still have their secrets, they're just not as good as the original premise.

It's because of these reasons I fear we've hit the high point of the show. There could be some liberties taken and potentially make this adaptation better than the source material, but as of now I'm just not that excited. Furthermore, if this was the climax of the show, it wasn't very exciting, just loads of info. But this is all the perspective of someone who's read the books. For those who are watching the show for the first time might be more enthused.

Just as clarification, it's not that I'm dissatisfied with the show. At this point, I'm very happy with what they've done with it. There's a few things that the show has changed from the books (that Pamela is David's sister and not an unofficially adopted daughter) that I actually have prefered. The acting performances are more than satisfactory and I'm always entertained. I'd recommend the series to most people as it stands.

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