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Which Avenger Do You Want to See Added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Most in the Near Future!

Updated on December 30, 2022
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An avid comic collector and fan for nearly 20 years, Vic started collecting comics at eight years old and investing in them since the 2000s.

Around 2012, I did an article asking this very question and showcased a bunch of Avengers from the actual comics. Then, I had a poll so people could vote on which Avenger they'd like to see most on the big screen.

Now? Now, it's 2018 and we've already seen Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Ant-Man, and Black Panther join the MCU. All those mentioned have been Avengers in the comics.

Who won that poll? Well, you can click the link below to find out just to see the past fun for yourself.

Avenger most wanted to join the MCU in 2012?

There are quite a bit of well-known Avengers. Actually, I'm pretty certain that almost every popular character at one point or another has been an Avenger.

The weirdest one for me is Wolverine or other well-known X-Men characters. For the sake of sanity, we aren't going to go that route.

Well, we aren't going to go that route just yet. Maybe never. Who knows?

Anyway, let's kick off the fun and here's the next batch of Avengers you'd most want to see join the MCU or the Avengers franchise!

Dane Whitman The Black Knight

Dane Whitman The Black Knight
Dane Whitman The Black Knight

Yes, we are going to start off with this one since Henry Cavill leaving the role of Superman is huge news. It's not all that surprising.

A lot of people, fans or not comic fans, can agree that Warner Bros and the DCEU is just not delivering the goods for the most part. Now, rumors are hitting the net that Guy Ritchie will be at helm for a Captain Britain and Black Knight movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Many fans want Henry Cavill to play Captain Britain, but actually the Black Knight is a more identifiable Avenger. I actually grew up with the character of Dane Whitman as the Black Knight.

He wasn't my most favorite of Avengers, but I definitely acknowledged that he had a bad ass sword called the Ebony Blade. It was a mystical sword that was first given to Whitman's ancestor, Sir Percy of Scandia, by the legendary Merlyn himself.

The enchanted sword also came with a curse, because Sir Percy shed a boat load of blood and was a bad boy. The Ebony Blade can deflect many a magical attacks and even absorb energy at certain angles.

This isn't all the enchanted blade can do either. Merlyn enchanted the blade so that its wielder is linked to it and can teleport to its location.

Wielding the blade made the wielder unable to die but still could be injured. So, those who wielded the magical blade were protected from critical injury unless caused by another weapon made from the same substance as the blade.

The Ebony Blade is virtually indestructible and can cut through any substance, even Wolverine's adamantum. Pretty cool, right?

That's just the surface of Dane Whitman as the Black Knight. The character also has enchanted Elven armor and a necklace that contains this armor, sword, and shield. He can make them appear magically by just uttering the word Avalon.

Let's also not forget his trusty winged steed, Aragorn. We did see this winged horse in the MCU already in Thor: Ragnarok. Valkyrie rode Aragorn and in the actual comics, the flying horse was gifted to her by Dane Whitman The Black Knight.

Brian Braddock - Captain Britain

Brian Braddock - Captain Britain
Brian Braddock - Captain Britain

Well, interestingly enough, the character of Captain Britain and Black Knight do share the same mythos since the wizard Merlyn is involved with both characters. I think Captain Britain is more rooted in the legend of Camelot more than the Black Knight, but I could be wrong about that.

However, Captain Britain is definitely a lesser-known Avenger and really isn't all that associated with the team in the actual comics. I admit that I do not know much about the character nor even care that much about the character.

Feel free to correct me if I make any mistakes here, but Captain Britain is Brian Braddock. He is the brother of Elizabeth Braddock, better known as the mutant X-Man Psylocke.

Yep, he is also tied to Camelot's Merlyn or Merlin. Involved in a nearly fatal motorcycle accident, Merlyn and his daughter Roma bring forth a choice to the badly injured Braddock.

It is a choice between the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Braddock chose the amulet and becomes Captain Britain.

With this mystical amulet, Brian was super-enhanced with the usual and generic enhancements like strength, speed, agility, stamina, etc. He could also fly at super sonic speeds.

In his biographies online, he is not mentioned to be a mutant like his sister. His powers were later changed to be powered by interdimensional energies connected to Otherworld, a dimension that held the court of Camelot.

Monica Rambeau as...?

Monica Rambeau as Captain Marvel
Monica Rambeau as Captain Marvel

Monica Rambeau is the Captain Marvel that I grew up with in comics. Now, we know that Brie Larson as Carol Danvers will take up the mantle of Captain Marvel in the MCU, there's slim chance we may see Monica Rambeau in her original super-hero moniker.

That does not mean we won't see the character on the big screen, however, as Monica did take up different super-hero names after Captain Marvel. Besides, it looks like Disney also felt the same way and the character of Monica Rambeau is indeed in the MCU.

Say what? Yep.

Monica Rambeau has not recently been cast, but her mother has been. Sure, actor Lashana Lynch has been confirmed to play Maria Rambeau. Maria is an Airforce pilot and the mother of Monica, which means Monica is younger in the Captain Marvel movie.

Remember, the Captain Marvel movie does take place in the 90s. A photo leaked showing Maria in her jet fighter. Notice the "Photon"?

Well, in the comics, that is one of Monica's superhero monikers. She also became Spectrum and Pulsar as well.

All I can say is very cool. Okay, well that's not all I can say. So, Monica is in the MCU somewhere, but as what will she end up being?

Well, let's start off with her powers. Monica's awesome power is extremely powerful as she can transform into any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum.

With that, she has power of flight, invisibility, can become intangible, absorb and duplicate energy, as well as convert energy into force blasts that can be comparable to 300 tons of TNT explosive force, according to's character biography.

Monica 1st appeared in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16. That issue also shows the origin of how she gains super powers and becomes the 2nd Captain Marvel. During the 90s, she became Photon in Avengers: Unplugged #5.

After her stint as Photon, she again changed her super-hero code name to Pulsar in the 2004 comic series, The New Thunderbolts #9.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 - 1st appearance of Monica Rambeau and as Captain Marvel. Origin of her becoming Captian Marvel. Avengers: Unplugged #5 - 1st appearance as Photon. The New Thunderbolts #9 (2004) - 1st as Pulsar
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 - 1st appearance of Monica Rambeau and as Captain Marvel. Origin of her becoming Captian Marvel. Avengers: Unplugged #5 - 1st appearance as Photon. The New Thunderbolts #9 (2004) - 1st as Pulsar

Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel
Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel

It would be weird not to put Carol Danvers on this list. We all know she is coming as Captain Marvel to a theater near you and quite soon, but she hasn't hit the silver screen just yet.

Therefore, I suppose, anticipation for this character could be polled and it would be fair. So, Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, and many comic fans know that the character started out in her super-powered comic career as Ms. Marvel.

She was actually introduced as a non-powered supporting character for the original Marvel Captain Marvel, otherwise known as Mar-Vell. There's a whole bit of history that goes behind that. Perhaps I'll get into it sometime.

Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel is considered one of the more powerful super-heroes in the Marvel Universe and has all sorts of powers on a mighty cosmic levels. If you'd like a brief history of the character, I did do a write up about Carol Danvers and the various phases she goes through in comics.

You can check that out at Carol Danvers Comic Book Journey to Captain Marvel. Hope you enjoy the Captain Marvel goodness.

Captain Marvel 1st Movie Trailer

Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel
Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel

Recently, Kevin Feige did confirm that they have plans for Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This might be super cool for Inhumans fans as well.

We all know that the Inhumans TV show failed miserably. As most comic fans know, Kamala may be a fan of Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel, but she got her powers via the Terrigen Mists rather than Kree tech.

Terrigen Mists is what all Inhumans undergo to get their powers in the world of Marvel Comics. Now, Kamala Khan isn't exactly cosmic either, as her powers is that of a polymorph.

Yep, just like Plastic Man or Elongated Man or Mr. Fantastic, Kamala Khan can elongate, stretch, and alter the size of her body to perform a variety of tasks or construct various weapons. She also has accelerated healing as well.

As the first Muslim superhero to ever headline or star in her own comic, this character is historically important even if she is not the first Muslim super-hero in the world of comics. Much like Spider-Gwen, Kamala Kahn is quite popular.

I do like this character and am a fan. Kevin Feige's confirmation was back in May of this year, 2018. Kamala is Pakistani American from New Jersey and was created by Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Adrian Alphona.

She made her cameo debut in Captain Marvel #14 (2012 series). Her first cover appearance was the 2nd print variant to issue #17.

Some sources say that issue #17 is the first full appearance of Kamala Khan, but I don't think that is the case. She is only on one page in the actual story and the few panels she is in has her back turned to the viewer, or just shows her hands, shoulder and bicep. Okay, bits of her hair as well.

All-New Marvel Now: Point One #1 is being noted as her debut as Ms. Marvel, and I think it should be considered her first full debut. Very cool that there are plans for this character after Captain Marvel, and I wonder if they're gonna change her origins.

All-New Marvel Now Point One #1 - 1st Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel.
All-New Marvel Now Point One #1 - 1st Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel.

Amadeus Cho

Okay, Amadeus Cho could possibly be somewhere in the MCU. After all, his mother, Helen Cho, appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron already and helped to create the Vision.

Therefore, it would be a bit weird not to think that Helen Cho has a little Amadeus in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially when we all know they are constantly building that universe. With Kevin Feige confirming that they are building towards a Young Avengers thing for the box office, I can only speculate on what that team roster may be.

At least one Cho is definitely in the MCU. Amadeus just might be the Hulk for the young team on screen. In the comics, this Korean-American was not a Young Avenger, and the Hulkling was actually the team's Hulk.

Amadeus Cho was actually a member of the super-hero team, Champions, a long with Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel. However, we do know that films do take liberties when things are adapted from comics to screen.

Just speculating here and connecting the dots as much as possible. Amadeus Cho does have a chance of being an Avenger on screen. Well, a possible Young Avenger.

He first appeared as a non-powered super smart kid in 2004's Amazing Fantasy #15 and then became the Hulk in Totally Awesome Hulk #1. However, fans have been calling out for a character to represent the LGBT community and Captain Mar-Vell and the Skrulls are part of the MCU beginning with Captain Marvel coming out in 2019.

We all know racist Hollywood and how they feel about Asian males (not box office draws), so we'll have to see about Amadeus Cho being the Young Avenger's Hulk or not.

Amazing Fantasy #2 vol 2 - 1st appearance of Amadeus Cho
Amazing Fantasy #2 vol 2 - 1st appearance of Amadeus Cho
Totally Awesome Hulk #1 - 1st Amadeus Cho as Hulk or super-powered.
Totally Awesome Hulk #1 - 1st Amadeus Cho as Hulk or super-powered.

Cassie Lang as Stature or Stinger

There's been some strange predicaments happening. If you're not that in tune with the rumblings of the MCU when it comes to movie news, you may not know the rumor that an older actor may have been cast to play Cassie Lang.

Ten year old Abby Ryder Fortson currently plays the character, and That Hashtag Show reported that Emma Fuhrmann was cast to play an older version of Scott Lang's daughter in the follow up to Avengers Infinity War. Adding fuel to this, Kevin Feige recently confirmed that they are planting the seeds to Young Avengers in the MCU.

Interesting, and SPOILER! Yes, right here will be a SPOILER.

Stop reading if you have not watched Ant-Man and the Wasp, because the film teased that Cassie Lang will eventually become Stature. And, there it is.

In the comics, Cassie Lang took both the Ant-Man and Giant-Man tech to become Stature in Young Avengers #6. Then she took the mantle of Stinger in Astonishing Ant-Man #6.

I would not doubt if the character evolved to become both. Stinger is, of course, more based on Wasp and Yellowjacket but still implements Henry Pym's famous Pym Particles to shrink and grow.

So very cool, and this character is already in the MCU, Kevin Feige confirmed they working towards a Young Avenger type deal on the silver screen and Cassie Lang is a Young Avenger in the comics.

1st appearance of Cassie Lang in comics - Marvel Premiere #47. Also debuts Scott Lang as Ant-Man.
1st appearance of Cassie Lang in comics - Marvel Premiere #47. Also debuts Scott Lang as Ant-Man.

Miles Morales

A pretty tricky one or is it? Tom Holland is Spidey, and that is for sure.

For how long, though? We know that Miles is in the MCU kicking it somewhere. He's got to be a youngin, because his uncle, Aaron Davis, played by Donald Glover in Spider-Man: Homecoming, is a young guy.

So, I am thinking Miles may be Young Avenger's Spidey on the big screen. Heck, why not? It's possible.

Miles is a fan-favorite character and was created by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli and debuted in Ultimate Fallout #4. Once again, could be a possibility, and with the mega huge success of Black Panther, I would not doubt Disney and Marvel are setting up this character to make his big screen debut for a second.

Ultimate Fallout Comics #4 - 1st Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man
Ultimate Fallout Comics #4 - 1st Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man

The Young Avengers

This one is tricky. Kevin Feige did confirm that they are "planting seeds" for an eventual Young Avengers, and Cassie Lang is in the MCU and was a Young Avenger by the name of Stature. This is tricky, and it's the reason why I just used the team as whole instead of individual characters.

What's the reason for this? Well, Kamala Khan and Miles Morales Spider-Man?

Miles is part of the MCU and somewhere around there. The Young Avengers roster may be changed up for the film and include Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel and Miles as that team's Spider-Man on the big screen.

After all, we know that Hollywood does like to take liberties with comic movies and the team on screen may not reflect the actual 100% roster of a team in the comics. Well, most comic fans know this. Not sure about the general audience.

With Jeremy Renner's contract as Hawkeye coming to a close soon, the character of Kate Bishop may take the mantle. So, that's why I chose to just do the whole team, because who knows how much the lineup will or won't change for the eventual flick.

So, I know, a bit of cheating but what can ya do? Young Avengers team debuted in Young Avengers #1. That comic issue is full of 1st appearance goodness, and it has the first appearances of Asgardian, the Patriot, Hulkling, Iron Lad, and Kate Bishop.

Cover to Young Avengers #1 - Debut of Hulkling, Asgardian, Patriot, Iron Lad, and Kate Bishop.
Cover to Young Avengers #1 - Debut of Hulkling, Asgardian, Patriot, Iron Lad, and Kate Bishop.

To be honest, I think Iron Lad will be substituted with Riri Williams as Iron Heart. Not sure about the Asgardian or the Patriot as well.

Cassie Lang and Kate Bishop would join the team in issue #4 of the Young Avengers series. However, Kate Bishop would not become the female Hawkeye until issue #12 of the comic series.

Along with Cassie Lang becoming Stature in issue #6, Billy Kaplan would drop the Asgardian name and become Wiccan in issue 6 as well. Young Avengers was created by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung.

Click the link for some more important Young Avengers comic books.

Young Avengers #6 - 1st appearance of Cassie Lang as Stature and Billy Kaplan as Wiccan.
Young Avengers #6 - 1st appearance of Cassie Lang as Stature and Billy Kaplan as Wiccan.
Young Avengers #12 - Kate Bishop becomes Hawkeye. Tommy Shepard becomes Speed.
Young Avengers #12 - Kate Bishop becomes Hawkeye. Tommy Shepard becomes Speed.

In Conclusion

Well, I was going to put Silver Surfer in here, but he's never really been an Avenger. Therefore, he doesn't go on this list.

That's why you don't see the Fantastic Four either, nor the X-Men, of course. I do know that a lot of peeps are anticipating Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four and the X-Men into joining the MCU as well.

Once again, there is a poll so feel free to vote. If you didn't look at the previous article and poll I did back in the day, Black Panther was the winner. We shall see which one of these confirmed and rumored Avengers people and comic fans want to see most on the big screen.

Thanks for reading, cast your vote and be sure to share so others can vote as well.

Cast Your Vote Below!

Which Avenger Are You Most Excited to See Hit The MCU!

See results

© 2018 Vic


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