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What Avenger Do You Want To See Assembled In The Next Avengers 2 Movie Sequel?

Updated on May 4, 2012

It's a far ways off and the Avengers movie hasn't even been released to U.S. audiences yet, but buzz about the next Avengers 2 movie has already been underway. With the opening success of the Avengers movie in other global markets, there's very little doubt among fans that Marvel is prepping for an Avengers sequel.

Like we didn't already suspect that? With the movie already seeing the likes of Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, and the Hulk, we comic fans already suspect that a sequel will most likely have new blood assembled into the team.

President of Production at Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has already remarked that new characters will be introduced, but, of course, the mentioning of which Avengers was quite vague. It's always best to be a little mysterious, anyways.

Besides, that leaves us fans to speculate which Avengers comic characters deserve to get their on screen debut in the sequel. With a slew of amazing comic book characters that have joined the ranks of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, there's a lot to pick from.

Here's a list of viable Avengers team members that could very well be assembled in the next Avengers 2 movie.Of course, they are in no particular order. Actually, you choose the order and top superhero you'd most like to see in the Avengers by voting at the poll.

So let the fun begin! Take a gander at the potential candidates and let your voice be heard by casting your vote near the bottom. Well see who's the most wanted Avenger member to join the team in the next movie.

Choices, choices, choices!

Black Panther

An absolutely awesome character that has been associated with the Avengers since Captain America was revived during the silver age of comics. Not only that, but the Black Panther is the very first black superhero in comic book history.

He is known as Chieftain T'Challa of the fictional African nation of Wakanda, and Marvel Studios has been trying to push a Black Panther movie for several years. The actor they had in mind was Wesley Snipes, but the movie never got off the ground.

Now it seems that new life has been brought into the project. Since rights to the property went back from Columbia Pictures to Marvel in 2005 and the success of the Avengers movie, it seems Marvel wants to push ahead on this film.

Recruiting documentary writer/editor Mark Bailey to write the script, fans are wondering if the Black Panther movie will tie into the next Avengers sequel. I sure hope it does, because the Black Panter deserves his due on screen!

The Vision

One of the coolest characters of the Avengers has got to be The Vision. If Marvel decides to put this android hero in the next sequel, it would be amazing!

Being that The Vision can control his density, is super durable, and basically has a computer for a brain, you can only imagine the super cool visual effects this character will produce on screen. Also, he can greatly be comic relief as the butt of Tony Stark and Iron Man's many jokes.

The Vision is a veteran in the Avengers, and a pretty key player. His story would no doubt be interesting and bring a whole new freshness to the sequel. It would be amazing to see him on screen, and there's no better flick to introduce him in than an Avengers one.

Who knows? Perhaps, he could even be spun off into his own solo film. That would be awesome!

Ant Man (Henry Pym)

It would make huge sense to have Henry Pym, also known as the super hero Antman, in the next Avengers sequel. This has to do with a few good reasons here.

For one, Antman is an original member of The Avengers. That's a huge right all in itself.

Two, Marvel has been pushing to do an Antman movie before an Avengers 2 movie even comes out. Now, there's no better way to tie in an Antman film to the Avengers sequel, right? That would make sense.

However, we shall see. Perhaps, this tiny hero really doesn't fit into Marvel's cosmic plans for the next Avengers 2 movie. Maybe so. Maybe not. It would still be cool to see an original member get his due a long side his team mates in the comics.

Wasp (Janet van Dyne)

Another original Avenger and wife of Henry Pym (Antman). She would also make sense to add in the next sequel. If Marvel does, indeed, do an Antman picture before an Avengers sequel comes out, the Antman film is bound to introduce Wasp.

It would be awesome to see this cutie on screen. However, the real question is how would they fit her into the big chaotic cosmic mess that Marvel has planned for phase two?

If Marvel does squeeze her in it would be pretty cool, but there are more popular female characters that fans would like to see in the next sequel. Which brings me to the next candidate below.

The Scarlet Witch

Ah, the sexy Scarlet Witch. No doubt this redheaded hottie is one of the most popular Marvel female comic characters. Along with her brother Quicksilver, Scarlett Witch also started out as a villain with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

She would make sense as new blood added to the team for the sequel. After all, if Marvel is, indeed, opening up the world of magic in their films, who better to carry it further than the Scarlet Witch with her hex powers? This lovely mutant also happens to be the wife of long time Avenger The Vision as well.

Besides, I think the Avengers needs another female superhero in their roster besides the Black Widow. The Scarlet Witch has more than paid her dues in the Avengers comics, and if it boils down to seniority, she's pretty up there on the list of who's next in line.


The super speedster and brother to the Scarlet Witch, the mutant Quicksilver originally started out as a villain. Yes, he was part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and son to Magneto!

However, despite his villainous beginnings, Quicksilver converted from bad boy to hero and has been an iconic and well-recognized member of the Avengers team. Should he be introduced in the Avengers sequel?

Although, this is really going out on a limb, it would be pretty cool if he was. Since Marvel Studios has been crazy about crossing over their most popular comic characters into the huge Avengers epic, wouldn't it be insanely awesome if they planned to cross over the X-Men and Avengers movie franchises?

Talk about doing something that's never been done in comic book movie history! Well, Marvel made history with the Avengers. Why not go for the gusto, right?

Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)

No doubt that Ms. Marvel is one of the sexiest female comic characters to hit the Avengers team, and a lot of fans would like to see her hotness captured on the silver screen. Is she a possibility, however?

Keven Feige has mentioned on more than one occasion that Marvel is looking at their cosmic universe as a possible stage for Marvel movies coming soon. Why not introduce Ms. Marvel to help fight off some alien butt?

Want to see Ms. Marvel in the next Avengers movie? Be sure to cast your vote for her then!


Well, since they already went into Norse mythology with the God of Thunder, what about introduce one of the most popular characters in Greek mythology? That's right - the son of Zues - Hercules!

Hercules has been an Avenger in the comics for quite a substantial time, and it'd be pretty cool to see how they translate him to screen. However, I do have to admit that two Gods in an Avengers sequel maybe a little too much.

I doubt Hercules is one Marvel Studios has in mind to add new blood to Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but you never know with those crazy cats! Want to see Hercules in the next Avengers 2 movie, just cast your vote at the poll!

Wonder Man

Another well known member of the Avengers who first started off as a villain. Wonder Man would be an interesting addition to the team, as his strength and durability matches the Thunder God Thor himself.

Can you imagine the Hulk, Thor, and Wonder Man all on the same team in the sequel? I don't know about you, but I think those aliens would get a good butt whooping!

Perhaps, Wonder Man is really an unlikely character to be introduced in the next Avengers sequel, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't totally geek out seeing him in it, right?

This isn't about whom you think is most likely going to be in the Avengers sequel. This is about who you - my fellow comic book fans - want to see most in the next Avengers movie.

Let Your Voice Be Heard and Cast Your Vote!


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