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What To Watch On Netflix In January 2016

Updated on January 22, 2016

The Faults

Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars in The Faults
Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars in The Faults


Faults was a movie quietly released in theaters in early 2015. The film stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, best known for her appearance in The Spectacular Now.

In Faults, Ms. Winstead plays Claire, a young woman who has joined a cult. Her distraught parent's hire a renowned expert on mind control to attempt to get their daughter back from the grips of the cult.

The films is suspenseful, creepy and at times even darkly comedic. Instead of focusing on the leader of cult, the film shines a brighter light on the subject of what makes the members drawn to and even crave the need to surrender their individuality. A phenomenon that makes not logical sense yet happens again and again.

Cults are if nothing else, an interesting topic to explore. What makes people join them? Why do the leaders start them? And why are they so powerfully gripping to the people that join them.

The most recent cult portrayed in popular culture, are the Guilty Remnant of the series The Leftovers. The Guilty Remnant, like most cults shows how the one's the get hurt the most by them are the loved ones left behind when the cult members join and leave their friends and families behind. They effectively shun their own families for what appears to be no reason. This is why cults are both fascinating and maddening. The Faults gives the viewer a look inside this troubling corner of society.

Jonathan Hatfull of SciFiNow states, "We'd recommend knowing as little about it as possible, but we'll open by saying that it's funny, it's puzzling, and it's utterly beguiling."

Faults is currently available to stream on Netflix and scored and 89% on the review site Rotten Tomatoes with 66% of viewers giving the film a positive review.

Leland J. Orser plays the de-programmer and the cat and mouse games he plays with Claire is suspenseful and intriguing.

Stephen Skudlarek, a reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes states. "Mind blowing and awesome. Worth seeing...I would recommend this to anyone. The ending is absolutely crazy.

If nothing else, the ending truly is worth seeing. It's a solid gut punch you won't see coming which will have you thinking about the film long after it's ended.

The Faults Trailer

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