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What is your favorite Universal Monster, Monster Movie and Actor?

Updated on October 14, 2014

one of the many horror greats!


Dracula trailer

The Universal Monsters

The Monsters- Here are the creepiest creeps of them all.

*Frankenstein's Monster- Giant, green and mean, this freak wanders the hills and vals. Whatever you do, don't say hi. You see, he was assembled with parts of dead men and was accidentally given the brain of a psychotic killer! Nature makes mistakes, but none as big as Dr. Frankenstein's!

How can you kill it? Drain out its power, and disassemble. Gross!

* The Wolfman- When the moon is full Larry Talbot, a great neighbor, turns into the wolf next door! Lock your doors and steer clear of those who don't believe. His thirst and power are unstoppable...well, almost.

Kill it with any fatal blow or wound caused by silver.

* Dracula- Vlad the Impaler rises to drink the blood of his victims. He can change into a bat or a wolf and travels to unknowing women.Crucifixes , garlic, and holy water stun him and make his powers weak but, only a wooden stake in the heart or sunlight will send him back to Hell.

* The Mummy- A mad pharaoh was wrapped in bandages and buried in Egypt. When he returned, he was evil, and determined...that can never be good!

* The Bride of Frankenstein- She looked evil, but never got to play the part. She was short lived but memorable!

*The Creature from the Black lagoon- Deadly, strong , and aggressive, the beast from below attacks all that it sees. Half fish, half man, ...all trouble!

Who was Universal's best Monster?

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The masters who played them!

The Actors-

William Henry Pratt (Boris Karloff)- From the Mummy to the Monster and every creep in between Karloff mastered each role like no other.

Lon Chaney- The Phantom, the Hunchback and Mr. Hyde were all brought to life in silent films by the man with 1,000 faces.

Lon Chaney Jr.- Though he played Draula's Son, Frankenstein's Monster, and other freaks of nature, he was best known for playing the Wolfman. Lon was a big man with an awesome presence, and boy could he act!

Bella Lugosi- Bella was unique and played a host of monsters and villains. However, no one could play Dracula like he did! Remember the evil smirk, and those eyes. It was a shame that his career and life ended as it did.

Claude Reins- He was only 5'0 tall and used elevator shoes and wooden ramps to look taller on film. Best known for musicals and dance movies, Claude was excellent as Mr. Talbot, The Phantom, and The Invisible Man.

What was Universal's best movie

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the truth about Dracula

The actors

Who was your favorite actor

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In the early 1900s, Monsters were born!

In 1925 a legacy and an empire were born. Lon Chaney portrayed the menacing Phantom of the Opera. Then, The Universal Monster Craze began! Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, The Wolfman, and many others brought terror with them from the other side to the silver screen. Below is a time line and a description of the movies characters and actors. Tell me in the comment section which you like best!

The Movies- Here are some of the best and my favorites.

-Frankenstein 1931- An obscure Dr. obsessed with the secrets of life tries an unheard of experiment. It didn't go well! The story, acting, and suspense were outstanding. Karloff was excellent as the freak of nature and the rest of the cast made us believe. I give it 5 lighting bolts out of 5!

-Dracula 1931- A Hungarian actor with an evil smile, an irresistible charm, and a set of hand contortions the no one possessed, seduced movie goers in this thriller about the original bloodsucker and his followers. Bela was perfect and this masterpiece has been a tremendous influence over the decades! 4 1/2 bats out of 5

-The Mummy 1932- The evil Imhotep returns and exacts his revenge. Karloff plays another force to be reckoned with. This time he is already dead...what can be done? 4 tombs out of 5

-The Invisible Man 1933- Claude was excellent as always! This was creepy and kept me on the edge, as a Dr. discovered transparency....why didn't he teach that trick to the president?!? 4 1/2 footprints out of 5

-Bride of Frankenstein 1935- The monster has changed and wants what any mere mortal would want. This experiment didn't go well either! 4 1/2 out of 5 white hair streaks

-The Invisible Woman-1940- The secret is rediscovered and the world won't be the same! Though it is the least famous on my list, it was still startling! 4 out of 5 test tubes

-The Wolfman-1941- My favorite character! Larry Talbot, a good man becomes possessed by an evil force and wreaks fear and havoc where ever he goes. Invest in silver and do not watch this on a full moon! 5 out of 5 bites marks!

-Frankenstein meets the Wolfman1943- Lon Chaney Jr. and Bella Lugosi team up in this classic to end all classics.Bella's evil smile, Lon's desperation, and the lead up, make the show down unforgettable! I love it still today. 4 1/2 full moons out of 5


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