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What’s your Birth Month Means?

Updated on October 16, 2010

What’s your Birth Month Means?

Birthday are all time special for everyone. even if we forgets everything in course of our hectic life, we won't forget the day we were born. For most of us it's a time for big celebration. Greetings, gifts, parties, outing, etc etc. But Have you ever thought of specialities you got just because of the month you were born?   


* Ambitious and serious

* Loves to teach and be taught

* Always looking at people's flaws

and weaknesses

* Likes to criticise

* Hardworking and productive

* Smart, neat and organised

* Sensitive and has deep thoughts

* Knows how to make others happy

* Quiet unless excited or tensed

* Rather reserved

* Highly attentive

* Resistant to illnesses but prone to


* Romantic but has difficulties

expressing love

* Loves children

* Homely person

* Loyal

* Needs to improve social abilities

* Easily jealous


* Abstract thoughts

* Loves reality and abstract

* Intelligent and clever

* Changing personality

* Temperamental

* Quiet, shy and humble

* Low self esteem

* Honest and loyal

* Determined to reach goals

* Loves freedom

* Rebellious when restricted

* Loves aggressiveness

* Too sensitive and easily hurt

* Showing anger easily

* Dislike unnecessary things

* Loves making friends but rarely

shows it

* Daring and stubborn

* Ambitious

*Realising dreams and hopes

* Sharp

* Loves entertainment and leisure

* Romantic on the inside not outside

* Supersticious and ludicrous

* Spendthrift

* Learns to show emotions


* Attractive personality

* Affectionate

* Shy and reserved

* Secretive

* Naturally honest, generous and


* Loves peace and serenity

* Sensitive to others

* Loves to serve others

* Not easily angered

* Trustworthy

* Appreciative and returns kindness

* Observant and assess others

* Revengeful

* Loves to dream and fantasize

* Loves travelling

* Loves attention

* Hasty decisions in choosing


* Loves home decors

* Musically talented

* Loves special things


* Moody

* Active and dynamic

* Decisive and hasteful but tends to


* Attractive and affectionate to


* Strong mentality

* Loves attention

* Diplomatic


* Stubborn and hard-hearted

* Strong-willed and highly


* Sharp thoughts

* Easily angered

* Attracts others and loves attention

* Deep feelings

* Beautiful physically and mentally


* Thinks far with vision

* Easily influenced by kindness

* Polite and soft-spoken

* Having lots of ideas

* Sensitive

* Active mind

* Hesitating

* Tends to delay

* Consoling

* Friendly and solves people's


* Brave and fearless

* Adventurous

* Loving and caring

* Suave and generous

* Emotional

* Revengeful

* Agressive

* Hasty

* Good memory

* Moving

* Motivate oneself and the others

* Sickness usually of the head and


* Easily get too jealous

* Firm standpoint

* Easily influenced

* Needs no motivation

* Easily consoled

* Systematic (left brain)

* Loves to dream

* Strong clairvoyance

* Understanding

* Sickness usually in the ear and


* Good imagination

* Good debating skills

* Good physical

* Weak breathing

* Loves literature and the arts

* Loves travelling

* Dislike being at home

* Restless

* Hardworking

* High spirited

* Spendthrift

* Choosy and always wants the best

* Temperamental

* Funny and humorous

* Loves to joke

* Good debating skills

* Talkative

* Daydreamer

* Friendly

* Knows how to make friends

* Abiding

* Able to show character

* Easily hurt

* Prone to getting colds

* Loves to dress up

* Easily bored

* Fussy

* Seldom show emotions

* Takes time to recover when hurt

* Brand conscious

* Executive

* Stubborn

* Those who loves me are enemies

* Those who hates me are friends


* Fun to be with

* Secretive

* Difficult to fathom and to be


* Quiet unless excited or tensed

* Takes pride in oneself

* Has reputation

* Easily consoled

* Honest

* Concern about people's feelings

* Tactful

* Friendly

* Approachable

* Very emotional

* Tempramental and unpredictable

* Moody and easily hurt

* Witty and sarky

* Sentimental

* Not revengeful

* Forgiving but never forgets

* Dislike nonsensical and

unnecessary things

* Guides others physically and


* Sensitive and forms impressions


* Caring and loving

* Treats others equally

* Strong sense of sympathy


* Loves to joke

* Attractive

* Suave and caring

* Brave and fearless

* Firm and has leadership qualities

* Knows how to console others

* Too generous and egoistic

* Taked high pride of oneself

* Thirsty for praises

* Extraodinary spirit

* Easily angered

* Angry when provoked

* Easily jealous

* Observant

* Careful and cautious

* Thinks quickly

* Independent thoughts

* Loves to lead and to be led

* Loves to dream

* Talented in the arts, music and


* Sensitive but not petty

* Poor resistance against illnesses

* Learns to relax

* Hasty and rushy

* Romantic

* Loving and caring

* Loves to make friends


* Suave and compromising

* Careful, cautious and organised

* Likes to point out people's


* Likes to criticize

* Quiet but able to talk well

* Calm and cool

* Kind and sympathetic

* Concerned and detailed

* Trustworthy, loyal and honest

* Does work well

* Sensitive

* Thinking

* Good memory

* Clever and knowledgeable

* Loves to look for information

* Must control oneself when


* Able to motivate oneself

* Understanding

* Secretive

* Loves sports, leisure and travelling

* Hardly shows emotions

* Tends to bottle up feelings

* Choosy especially in relationships

* Loves wide things

* Systematic

* Wary and sharp

* Judge people through observations

* Hardworking

* No difficulties in studying

* Loves to be alone

* Always broods about the past and

the old friends

* Likes to be quiet

* Homely person

* Waits for friends

* Never looks for friends

* Not aggressive unless provoked

* Prone to having stomach and

dieting problems

* Loves to be loved

* Easily hurt but takes long to


* Overly concerned

* Puts in effort in work


* Loves to chat* Loves those who loves him

* Loves to takes things at the centre

* Attractive and suave

* Inner and physical beauty

* Does not lie or pretend

* Sympathetic

* Treats friends importantly

* Always making friends

* Easily hurt but recovers easily

* Bad tempered

* Selfish

* Seldom helps unless asked

* Daydreamer

* Very opinionated

* Does not care of what others think

* Emotional

* Decisive

* Strong clairvoyance

* Loves to travel, the arts and


* Soft-spoken, loving and caring

* Romantic

* Touchy and easily jealous

* Concerned

* Loves outdoors

* Just and fair

* Spendthrift and easily influenced

* Easily lose confidence


* Has a lot of ideas

* Difficult to fathom

* Thinks forward

* Unique and brilliant

* Extraodinary ideas

* Sharp thinking

* Fine and strong clairvoyance

* Can become good doctors

* Careful and cautious

* Dynamic in personality

* Secretive

* Inquisitive

* Knows how to dig secrets

* Always thinking

* Less talkative but amiable

* Brave and generous

* Patient

* Stubborn and hard-hearted

* If there is a will, there is a way

* Determined

* Never give up

* Hardly become angry unless


* Loves to be alone

* Thinks differently from others

* Sharp-minded

* Motivates oneself

* Does not appreciates praises

* High-spirited

* Well-built and tough

* Deep love and emotions

* Romantic

* Uncertain in relationships


* Loyal and generous

* Patriotic

* Active in games and interactions

* Impatient and hasty

* Ambitious

* Influential in organisations

* Fun to be with

* Loves to socialise

* Loves praises

* Loves attention

* Loves to be loved

* Honest and trustworthy

* Not pretending

* Short tempered

* Changing personality

* Not egoistic

* Takes high pride in oneself

* Hates restrictions

* Loves to joke

* Good sense of humor

* Logical

* Homely

* Hardworking

* High abilities

* Trustworhty

* Honest and keeps secrets

* Not able to control emotions

* Unpredictable

Are you surprised? Just move into yourself and find which all qualities you have?


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    • sherlocksujith profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Thiruvanathapuram

      Thank you

    • toknowinfo profile image


      7 years ago

      Very interesting. Thanks for putting this together, it made for a fun read. Rated up and useful.


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