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Where Do They Go?

Updated on February 15, 2012

Hello My Friend

We were all children once. Even if we were not social, we still had friends. Many times when we were alone we called on these friends to keep us company. The only problem was these friends were imaginary. Only we could see them. It would drive our parents crazy.


My friend's name was Roger. He kept me company on many a lonely day. Roger was easy going. If we played Army or Cowboys & Indians, Roger would gladly be the bad guy. He didn't care if he was the hero or not. He knew that I was going to win all the time, but he didn't care. He was my friend and his job was to entertain me.

Not only was he by my side for play time, but he stood with me when i needed to talk. We discussed the many ways girls could give us cooties. We talked about how I was going to hit a Grand Slam Home Run in the bottom of the ninth inning, with two outs, to win the World Series. He helped me plan revenge whenever I was wronged. Sometimes he would even talk me out of taking action. He was always there when I needed him.

Roger also took the blame for things I did wrong. Well, he was willing to take the blame, but my parents never bought it. After all, They never saw Roger.

Then It Happened!

Roger was my best friend. He was such a good friend that he wouldn't allow anyone else to see him. We fought over his shyness at times, but overall I was thrilled that He was all mine. I never shared him with anyone!

Then it happened. One day I called Roger and he didn't show. I called him over and over, still he stayed away. Hours turned into days. Days into weeks. Weeks into months. Months into years.

I don't know if Roger was mad at me or not. I relived every day I spent with him and found nothing that would chase him away. Maybe he found someone more interesting. Then again, he could have been teaching me about rejection. I discover the same feelings whenever a girlfriend decided I was no longer the one. Only difference was the girls told me they were leaving and Roger didn't.

Switching Gears

Usually I answer questions. Granted my answers are never serious. I leave that for others. I'm more into the humorous side of things. However, today I'm switching gears. I'm going to ask you, the reader a question.

Where do our imaginary friends go when they leave us?

Iook forward to reading your answers.


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