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Where Torrei Hart Made Her Mistake

Updated on October 3, 2019

Another Sad Love Song

Hart will be starring in VH1's Atlanta Exes, yet another endeavor with her painful divorce at its center.
Hart will be starring in VH1's Atlanta Exes, yet another endeavor with her painful divorce at its center. | Source

Keep It on the Hush

Torrei would have done a lot more for herself if she would have kept some of the sordid details about her ex husband to herself. This would have afforded her 2 opportunities: 1. She could have waited for Kevin to grow in popularity and marry his girlfriend, then released a book exposing how he recently married his mistress. She would have been dubbed "classy and strong" which could have led to speaking engagements, seminars, etc., and 2. She would have been able to date men within or above Kevin Hart's pay grade. I'm sure dating is hard to do when the love of your life has moved on, but it's even harder when you have exposed yourself as being an emotional wreck for a man who has clearly moved on.

Women's Intuition

Whether you know it's infidelity or not, chances are you can tell when your relationship is on the rocks. I'm sure Torrei felt the distance creep in and could not see through the pain to formulate a plot for survival in the event of a break up.

When the writing is on the wall, Operation Exodus needs to be in full effect. She was in warranted emotional distress, but a broken heart doesn't feed the kids or maintain a newfound lifestyle. She should have strategized a way to maintain some portion of the life after the divorce and the children turning 18 so that every aspect of her life would not be controlled by his whim.


Torrei Hart is now known as Kevin Hart's ex. She may have some ventures going, but she is still his ex. Even her ventures are in the entertainment industry, which still makes her brand overlap with his. She needs to brand herself and become a success in her own right with something totally outside of the Hollywood spectrum so she can have her own title. Atlanta Exes will retard the process of finding an identity outside of the divorce. She is not just his ex wife and the mother of their children, but to the world, that is mostly what she has to offer. She could take a page from Basketball Wife Jennifer Williams, who is not only the ex wife of former starting forward of the Boston Celtics Eric Williams, but owner of the sexy chair aerobics franchise Flirty Girl Fitness and high end real estate agent. Not only is she reportedly worth $25 million, her ex husband is dead broke. The world saw her make the painful choice of leaving her marriage, but they also saw her make a new start in a swanky apartment.

Beauty and the Beast

Jennifer continues to thrive; Eric has fallen on hard times.
Jennifer continues to thrive; Eric has fallen on hard times. | Source


This next segment is going to sound a little devious, but this article is all about making choices before you abandon ship that are sustainable for your future. In Jennifer's case, she was not rearing children with her husband, which makes all the difference. What Hart and Williams have in common is the amount of access being married to a wealthy man affords. Hart should have gotten a nip and tuck, done some squats, took a class with Sean T of Insanity, and left the marriage new, improved and back on the prowl. I'm not sure if she had any trauma to her body after having 2 children, but if she did, she should have handled it on Kevin's tab, then quietly split the scene.

She also should have went to therapy and took her own notes that could be later used for a book. The book should display growth and forgiveness. The heartbreak is expected; show the people something that would be seen as superhuman. She should tell some, keep some, of course, but the revelations should be uplifting, expressing no regret for her marriage and beautiful kids.

This would have made dating an easier transition, plus dating after kids is much easier when your ex is wealthy, because you aren't looking for a father figure or financial support, but a mate.

Sexy Sweat

Jennifer Williams is the muscle behind this lucrative business.
Jennifer Williams is the muscle behind this lucrative business. | Source

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