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Why Do People Love Buzzfeed Unsolved?

Updated on August 12, 2017

Unsolved Mysteries

Most phobias and fears are based on the unknown. For instance, we fear death because we can't be fully sure what it feels like to be dead and if there's an afterlife. We fear the supernatural because we don't understand it and we aren't sure whether or not it exists. We can't tell if supernatural creatures are friendly or if it's something more sinister that they want. We fear the dark because we can't be fully sure if something dangerous is lurking inside of it. We can't see in front of ourselves in the dark, so it becomes unknown.

Tragedies and death happen every day. Sometimes, we don't understand why. The greatest scientists and experts in the world can be trying to figure out why something bad happened and still get no answers. It can be because we don't have enough information, eye witnesses, or technology. Even though we advance every day, sometimes evidence gets destroyed and there's no way to go back and re-analyze it.

These mysteries that we can't solve plague us sometimes for decades. We need to know why bad things happen to help prevent the same bad things from happening in the future and sometimes to catch criminals.

When there are no easy answers, things get creepy. Our minds sometimes grasp at supernatural explanations, anything to try to make sense of what happened.

This is where Buzzfeed Unsolved comes in. Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej explore possibly haunted locations and research unsolved crimes, looking for answers that none of us will ever find.

Unlike some of the other youtubers I've discussed, Ryan and Shane do not run their own Youtube channel. Their show is part of the channel Buzzfeed Blue and they usually upload on Fridays (now with Q&A episodes following each episode at a later time in the week.) It's one of the most popular shows on youtube, though, with fans everywhere.

Here are a few reasons why people love Buzzfeed Unsolved.

#1 Because They Love Unsolved Mysteries

They both seem pretty passionate about finding a deeper understanding of the world around them, although their approaches to doing so vary greatly. Shane is more of a scientist and tries to find scientific explanations for everything. Ryan, although he appreciates science, also contemplates the supernatural and says it all started when he had a supernatural experience when he was younger.

For them, researching these unsolved mysteries and trying to contemplate what the truth is while digging through all the theories, is fun. They care about these mysteries, agonize over them as much as the rest of us do, which makes them so easy to appreciate.

But they don't just accept any explanation that is thrown at them. They weigh each one, contemplate the evidence, and try to find the truth. They open the comments up for theories and we all try to solve it together.

#2 Because They Love To Be Scared

Although Shane doesn't ever get scared exploring these haunted locations or researching these creepy things, he's admitted before that he really wishes he could be. It's probably why he enjoys poking at all these mysteries. He's also scientifically curious, but he wants something to scare him some day.

Ryan's always terrified when they go to haunted locations. He might say he hates it, but he's also obviously drawn to all these things. He does extensive research and has always been interested in the supernatural ever since he had an experience with it.

All of the people who watch this show are just as in love with being terrified as these two are. The show makes you jumpy, it messes with your mind. The reason it's so scary is because all of the things it talks about are things that have really happened.

#3 Because They Don't Fake Things For Views

Unlike a lot of other horror focused youtubers, they don't fake things for views. A lot of times they go haunted places and although Ryan gets scared usually, they don't necessarily get any true evidence that there is a haunting. They don't try to force things to look more frightening than they actually are.

They present explanations for mysteries as theories instead of facts. It's obvious that they're intelligent and not trying to fool us. Best of all, they don't need to fake things to be entertaining.

The problem with some other shows is if they fake it, sometimes you can tell, and the reason these shows are enjoyable to watch is because they are supposed to be true. The second you feel like they faked it, all suspension of disbelief is lost and there's no point in watching anymore. Shane and Ryan have proven they are trustworthy.

#4 The Banter

The reason they don't need to fake things is because of their banter. The two of them in a room together will never be boring. Although Ryan and Shane are both interested in unsolved mysteries, they have very different points of view on how things can be explained. This causes them to argue a lot about what different possibilities exist and how to interpret the data they receive, through research or through actual exploration.

They also both have really dark senses of humor, so one minute Ryan can be doing his dark voice over, describing something horrific that sends chills up your spine, and the next second they're suddenly joking about it in irreverent ways. You go back and forth between being terrified and laughing really hard the entire time you're watching each episode.

#5 The Balance Of Different Points Of Views

Because Shane and Ryan have such different ways of viewing the world, they keep each other grounded. Shane has a calm and more scientific approach, but he's also closed minded to certain explanations and possibilities. Ryan helps open his mind a little.

Ryan, on the other hand, is very jumpy, terrified that there's a ghost around the corner everywhere they go Shane pushes him to face his fears, shows him that things aren't as scary as he thinks they are, and also helps him to disregard more of the most ridiculous explanations people come up with for things.

#6 Because Their Fans Feel A Connection With Them

Ryan and Shane have very laid back attitudes. They are obviously friends with each other, poking fun at each other in a relaxed way on a regular basis. They also interact with fans, have a big presence on social media, and even answer Q&A's. They make it feel like you're hanging out with your friends, exploring creepy things together, and joking around.


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