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Why Do People Love The Try Guys?

Updated on September 3, 2017
EB  Black profile image

E.B. Black is a woman in her thirties who loves Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and all things related to internet culture.

The Buzzfeed Boys

The Try Guys are a group of four men (Zach, Eugene, Ned, and Keith) with loud personalities, who "try" out things, outside their comfort zones, and post videos about it on Youtube's Buzzfeed channel. Most of their videos go viral because they are so well-liked and popular. The four of them are some of the most recognizable people on buzzfeed.

Here are a few reasons why people love the Try Guys...

1. They're Fun

This is, by far, my favorite "Try Guys" video I've ever seen. They know exactly how to prank each other perfectly. They're already loud and over-the-top personalities are amplified during this video, where they're more ridiculous than ever.

I don't usually watch "Try Guys" videos multiple times, but I've watched this one a lot.

The four of them are just so much fun, like the kind of people that seem like they'd be so great to hang around with, that when they're really allowed to let loose (like in this video), the results are spectacular and epic.

2. They Make Us Laugh

There's something about their loud personalities, animated responses, and willingness to hurt or embarrass themselves that make this group both entertaining and hilarious. A lot of their videos have serious points to them, they're trying to truly understand other people's experiences and what they go through, for example, but that doesn't mean their tone is always serious. They like to joke around, make each other laugh and make us laugh.

3. They Do Crazy Things

Swimming with sharks is something so terrifying that I couldn't imagine myself being able to do it, even with a cage. The Try Guys swam with sharks and they had no cage to protect themselves with. Even though they are reassured many times that they will (probably) be safe, I wouldn't have believed it myself and would have chickened out if I were them.

Sometimes the Try Guys get criticized for trying overly "feminine" activities, people accuse them of trying to cater to a female audience. But the truth is, whether they are doing things people consider "feminine" or swimming with sharks, this group is more brave and adventurous than most people are. They're called the "Try Guys" for a reason, they are willing to try anything once.

4. They're Comfortable In Their Masculinity

People love to see men who are comfortable in their masculinity. The "Try Guys" don't have a need to prove themselves, they already have a confidence that allows them to do things that would make most men uncomfortable-like ballet.

Ballet is a really difficult sport. It's one that has a high rate of injuries for professional dancers. Things like breaking your ankle or losing all your toenails are quite common. The moves are difficult to pull off, especially with grace.

The "Try Guys" put their best effort into the dance and show it the respect it deserves, never worrying about whether what they are doing is supposedly masculine or not. They admit to how hard it is to learn the moves, but don't feel ashamed that they aren't perfect ballet dancers in the end.

They always have such a good attitude, making the best of any situation and showing an obvious enjoyment for the things they're trying out.

5. They Try Things Outside Of Their Comfort Zone In Order To Understand People Better

Every one of the "Try Guys" is a very open minded individual. They want to understand people who are different than themselves better. Yes, they do things that make them uncomfortable sometimes, but they usually do them not just to entertain, but to understand a part of our culture that they're unfamiliar with.

It's hard enough to be a woman and deal with all the make-up, uncomfortable clothes, and impractical shoes that get shoved in our direction. A lot of us (like me) have no patience for any of it and might choose comfort over fashion sometimes. Dressing up in drag takes all this discomfort to a whole new level though, especially the tucking part, which can require using stuff like duct tape, for example.

But the Try Guys embrace the experience, put in their best efforts, and strut their stuff.

6. They're Good Friends

There's something about watching several people, who you know are all good friends, taunting each other and teasing each other. They're close enough to know how to push each other's buttons and humiliate each other.

Even though, in this video, they're using their powers for "evil" instead of good (seeing who can embarrass the other one the most), there's something about people being this comfortable together that makes you feel like you're with a group of friends when you are watching them. It makes you feel like you're their friend, too.

It's because, through their videos, you get to know them as well yourself, you get to know why some of these questions might be especially humiliating for some of them to answer. You laugh with them and you cringe with them. You feel closer to them than you feel to other people you might watch on television or something, which is one of the most unique and greatest things about youtube. You feel like you're more apart of the people's lives than you do with most celebrities because youtube allows for more fan interaction.

© 2017 EB Black


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