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Why I Go Back To Retro Music

Updated on August 19, 2011

Drawing By Karishma Hyder

My Own Drawing Fall back on age-worn cushion of Retro Music
My Own Drawing Fall back on age-worn cushion of Retro Music

I am right now going through a personal journey of discovery, acceptance and moving on and at times like this I find myself going back to classic retro music time and time again. I may listen to and be on top of what is the latest pop music, club music or techno music but when it comes to deep thinking or just reminiscing over past adventures or just writing a piece of article, I prefer and in fact to some extent cannot operate without the hum of classic music which is like a lullaby to my ears. I do not care what others think or how outdated I may appear but that is who I am. There are no set few classic music that I necessarily go back to. At times the rhythm of a song long lost in memory creeps at the back of my head and nudged me to be noticed and urges me to hum it till I remember the song and listen to it straight away on youtube. In fact, the reason why I started writing this hub is because of a particular song that has been a favourite for years and yet has been absent in my life for a couple of years. I am talking about Air Supply’s All out of Love which led me to recall another of theirs by the name Lost in Love. Both of these songs are beautiful and like a balm to the ear after the hustle bustle of daily life.

Air Supply - Lost in Love

Air Supply crawled back into my life just tonight after a long break and many other songs from the past has surprised me like this before and made my day or night. The music of the present time is something I cannot dub as music at all. Where is the voice? Where is the sound of real guitar or piano? I can only hear the distorted noise of guitar or other musical instruments. I cannot hear the voice of the singer for me to seek his or her voice in my privacy to soothe me down or make me feel emotion. Why do I still go back time and time again to listen to classic retro music that show respect to romance and emotion like the voice of Elvis Presley does? Why are there no more songs like ‘Always on my mind’ by Elvis Presley or ‘Lady in Red’ by Chris de Burgh? Why does the sweet and melancholy voice of Crystal Gayle still touch me when she sings ‘Don’t it make my brown eyes blue’ or ‘The woman in me’ and the crass voice of Lady Gaga and Cher Lloyd repulse me?

The Woman in Me by Crystal Gayle

Just think about Roxy music and the song ‘If there is something’. That song has emotion, a sense of anxiety and takes you down the road of nostalgia and that is what I call good music. If I have a craving for good lyrics, I turn to Leonard Cohen. Listen to Cohen’s ‘Suzanne’ for demonstration.

I don’t blame my ears if I hear rubbish when I listen to present day music. I believe I am going through what I call the Stan from Southpark syndrome (which just means I am growing up and wiser and all the stupid music doesn’t make sense anymore). I am better off cuddled under my duvet reading a good story book while my ears are bathed in sweet songs from the past. Tonight I shall fall back on the age-old cushion of Retro Music. Retro Music Rocks.

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