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Why Superman Should Have a Name Change Immediately

Updated on January 19, 2018
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Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Superman Name Change
Superman Name Change

Superman, more favorably known to us humans as Clarke Kent. That mild mannered timid reporter employed to the daily planet who is madly in love with Lois Lane. But who really is superman? Well, let's take a quick synopsis of "Superman" and see why he shouldn't be called that and have a name change immediately.

Planet Krypton's Son

Planet Krypton's Son

The alien we refer to as superman was born to a Father Jor-El and mother Lara Lor-Van. He was affectionately called Kal-El by his kryptonian parents. His father was a renowned scientist on Krypton whose work was highly respected until he foretold of the upcoming destruction of their home planet;Krypton. This never took too well with the council members who ridiculed superman's father basically telling him he did not know what he was talking about. Then of course Jor-El did not exactly what he was talking about and soon the entire planet started to crumble like an empty bag of lays potato chips. Jor-El and Lora knew that they had to at least save their son who they loved very much. So they placed Kal-El inside an escape pod with automated coordinates set to earth. Jor-El knew of earth and knew that once Kal-El landed on our so called blue planet, his life would never be the same. In fact, his life would be super!

So Kal-El's parents pressed the go button and blasted the little kryptonian into our orbit. Then BOOM! Krypton was destroyed and scattered all over the universe. Then somehow some pieces of krypton found its way to earth and has been scattered far and wide. Anyway, let's back to baby Kal-El. So he landed on a farm on earth and was found by Aunt May, no, not Aunt May, I think Aunt May was the web head. He was found by his adopted mother Martha Kent and his adopted father Jonathon Kent. They took him in, fed him, bath him and called him Clarke Kent. Both Jonathon and Martha knew that their adopted son was not of Earth. For one, he came out of a escape pod, 2 How many toddlers you know can actually lift a car? Well, the Kent’s knew that if they alerted anyone about their son, he would have been hunted, injected, caged, brainwashed, studied, dissected and everything else scientist in mad nations do.

So Kal-El, now on Earth called Clark Kent, disguised himself as a human by simply putting on a dorky glasses, acting nerdy and weak and got very affectionate with telephone booth for changing into his blue and red spandex!

But Why Is Kal-El called a Man?

Well, we humans always try to identify anything which may look or be superior to us as either originating of man or has been a part of man. Especially if that being looks like us, has all digits like us and even talk like us. But all that still doesn't make Kal-El human. That still does not make him worthy to be called a man. In short, Kal-El has extra ordinary powers which definitely does not make him human. His anatomy is totally different than that of human beings. Yet, he is still referred to as a man. Superman is strong enough to actually shift the plat, he has been Titans such as Thanos. The only thing which can defeat the Kryptonian quickly is Krypton itself, or pieces of it called kryptonite.

Humans see the alien as one of them, which is their first mistake. They rarely see Kal-El as an extraterrestrial, but as a man with powers whom is the hero of the planet. Well, here is the eye opener folks. "Superman" is not a man and should never be called one. No matter the prefix you put on the word man, at the end of the day it should still boil down to just being a man. So, Badman, Meanman, Hairyman, Superman should be all just men, right? But we all know Superman isn't just man, he is an alien with Godlike powers that even us humans worship. So yes, they made a bad go when they called Kal-El "Superman" because he isn't a man at all. I suggest that his name be changed from what he isn't to what he is. So here are my name change suggestion for "Superman".

Superman Name Change
Superman Name Change

Superman Should Be Called:

  1. Kryptonian
    Well, people from earth are called Earthlings, so people from Krypton should be referred to as Kryptonian.

  2. Krypt-El/Kal-Ton
    I think we should take a piece of the name of his planet and a piece of his original name and put them together to make something sounding quite unique or something sounding quite stupid. So Krypt-El or Kal-Ton would be nice.

  3. AIBR
    Well, it is pronounced "AIBARE." AIBR stands for Alien in Blue and Red. Cool huh? You can thank me later.


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    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 8 months ago from Jamaica

      Nipster....I couldn't have said it better.

    • nipster profile image

      nipster 8 months ago

      I'm gonna have to agree that he needs a name change because "superman" is just too basic. Boring. I propose that we call him "Cutthroat Kenny" and let's stop sending him into phone booths to get dressed. I haven't seen one of those since like 2002. And give him a mask while we're at it.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 8 months ago from Jamaica

      Hey ruby...glad to see yah again. Superman is no man!

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 8 months ago from Southern Illinois

      Superman was just a comic person who was superior in every way. Let's keep his name. We need heroes to look up to. I liked your ideas. Only you would think of changing his name. Hee...

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 9 months ago from Jamaica

      LOL@Billy...Super Kal-El maybe.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 9 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Don't mess with tradition, buddy! He'll always be Superman to me. :)