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Why was Desperate Housewives Canceled?

Updated on November 9, 2015
Why Was Desperate Housewives Canceled?
Why Was Desperate Housewives Canceled?

Why was Desperate Housewives canceled? While the official reason was slowly decreasing viewership over time, no matter what ABC or media critics say, I will never be happy with Desperate Housewives ending. It was the best series on TV.

Why was Desperate Housewives the best show on TV? It had something for everyone:

  • Soap opera drama for female viewers. Perhaps one of the last soap operas on TV.
  • Most women could identify with at least one of the castmembers: Republican mom Bree; neurotic, lovable Susan; Lynette - the mom with more kids than she could handle; Gabrielle - glamorous, reluctant suburbanite; sexy Edie who simply wanted to be loved; sharp-witted Renee, and chilly but domestic Katherine.
  • Family-centered series.
  • Male viewers enjoyed watching the sexy, skinny women of Wisteria Lane.
  • Women enjoyed seeing Gabrielle's newest outfit and Bree's latest conservative fashions.
  • Housewives enjoyed the fact that an entire dramatic series was dedicated to them.
  • People enjoyed watching dramatic stories unfold in a seemingly quiet, upper-middle class neighborhood.

The end of Desperate Housewives marked for me the end of decent dramas on television. Why? because it had class. While I am a fan of some reality TV shows, there are too many shows on television that are overly gritty.

I couldn't care less about medical and legal dramas. Real life brings its own occasional horrific troubles, and I don't want to watch any television series that forces me to watch reminders of them up close.

And most reality TV shows have nothing but yelling and cursing, too much drinking, and stab-in-the-back politics. High in dysfunctionality and low in storylines.

I hope the American public eventually stops watching most medical/legal dramas and reality shows, and gets back to good TV like our grand old Desperate Housewives.

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