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Will There Be A Justice League Movie? Is A DC Justice League Movie Too Much To Ask?

Updated on May 1, 2012
Justice League movie. Christain Bale (Batman), Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern), Henry Cavill (Superman).
Justice League movie. Christain Bale (Batman), Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern), Henry Cavill (Superman). | Source

For the last few years there's been A LOT of talk about a possible Justice League movie. Actually, along with a possible Flash movie, comic fans have been asking, Will there be a Justice League movie?

Despite the fans cries and demands for a DC Justice League movie on the big screen, DC and Time Warner have been slow to give a solid answer to the question of will there be a Justice League movie. Yes, the demand has been huge, but as the years continually go by, it seemed a DC Justice League movie just wasn't going to happen.

It still may not happen. There's quite a bit of factors that involves DC and WB going out on a limb and doing a Justice League movie, such as The Green Lantern film tanking last year!

Then again, there are some factors that should get the folks at DC Comics and Time/Warner to get off their butts and finally make it happen. Of course, it's obvious.

The Avengers Movie Success

The Avengers received a hugely successful opening in foreign markets, raking in nearly 180 million in its opening weekend around the world. The movie hasn't even opened in America yet!

If there was ever a time to get something rolling for a DC Justice league movie, it would be now. Marvel proved it can be done and an ensemble cast of A-list heroes can, indeed, share the screen together.

It may seem that DC and Warner Bros. are also impressed with the hype the Avengers movie garnished the past few years. Last year, the company has changed regimes. Jeff Robinov is taking over from previous head Alan Horn and has stated that he fully intends to see a Justice League movie being made.

Was this move because of DC/Warner's past inability to get DC Comic's top characters all on one screen and in the same flick like the Avengers? Maybe! Who knows?

What is known is that it can be done, and it seems that, once again, DC Comics is late to the punch and fine with playing catch up with rival Marvel Comics.

Man of Steel and Green Lantern 2

Not to give away some DC Comics upcoming movies, but WB wants a Green Lantern 2 and a Man of Steel sequel to happen before a Justice League movie comes out. Why is that? So they can rip off Marvel so the Superman Man of Steel sequel can possibly lead up to the plot of a Justice League movie.

However, like much of everything in Hollywood, that idea could change. Man of Steel could very well tank next year much like Green Lantern did last year.

It's true that WB does want Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill to reprise their roles in a Justice League film. It would be insanely stupid for them not to, unless of course Man of Steel and Green Lantern 2 both tank at the box office.

As for Christian Bale reprising the role of Batman for Justice League it's not a huge possibility. DC Comics and WB have full intentions on rebooting the Batman franchise, and it would make more sense if the new Batman was in the Justice League.

Besides, it would be cool if the Justice League movie kinda lead up to the plot of the new Batman reboot! Introduce the new Batman in the Justice League movie. C'mon DC and Warner, shake things up a bit.

Justice League Movie by 2015 or 2016?

The Justice League movie will be distributed by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures, and rumors say they want the film in theaters by 2015 or 2016. That's quite a bit of ways, so, of course, anything can happen and news can unfortunately change.

In an interview in the L.A. times last year, Robinov has expressed hope to use a Justice League movie to spin off the Flash and Wonder Woman into their own film franchises. Then again, he did say he hoped to see a Justice League film in theaters by 2013.

Can we see the wishy-washy information here?

Chief Creative Officer for DC, Geoff Johns, is suppose to write a treatment for the Justice League film, as well as executive produce the feature. David Goyer’s, (script writer for The Man of Steel) is the leading candidate to write the Justice League script.

DC and Warner Bros. also want Christopher Nolan and wife Emma Thomas to be part of the Justice League movie franchise, possibly as producers. I think that would be wise to get them on board, considering Nolan did an amazing job with the Batman reboot.

Will There Be A Justice League Movie?

Considering that DC/Warner have confirmed that they will be rebooting their golden egg franchise - Batman - I believe this really all depends on how Man of Steel does next year at the box office. God forbid if the movie tanks!

Green Lantern has proven to have lost the company money, and if Man of Steel doesn't go well, DC and Warner just may scratch the idea of a Justice League movie and go the safe route by concentrating on the Batman reboot.

Here's the problem, however, what happens if the public gets tired of Batman reboots? What if the next Batman franchise falls flat? Then what? DC needs to get another franchise moving here and off the ground.

Marvel has proven twice that a team ensemble on screen works - first with their X-Men franchise and now with the Avengers. There's no doubt that there will be a sequel to the Avengers, and those lucky fans abroad who've already seen the movie know the "SPOILER" indeed sets up the film for another massive sequel.

According to my poll in the hub DC Comics Upcoming Movies & Marvel Comic Movies Coming Soon, there's more interest in seeing a Flash movie than the Man of Steel. Uh, that doesn't sound too good, considering DC/Warner aren't even on the ball on a Flash movie yet either.

And I know for a fact that there's a huge demand for a Justice League movie! DC and Warner, get the right people on board here. Get rid of the drunken frat boys who can't tie their own shoe laces. Change your line up of people in charge who aren't making things happen, and get this Justice League movie moving a long.

It wont be too long before we all get bored of another Batman reboot, and considering that Nolan set the bar pretty high, expectations on another Batman franchise will be extraordinary. Once Batty is milked dry then what you've got?


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    • profile image

      rmcmillen 4 years ago

      Great article!

      Some of DC's ideas are great, but some? not so much.

      2015? That's not all that much time to fix the bumps in the road, but with a 4 part installment piece.... I suppose I gave it my best.

      I believe that Justice League could prevail where Avengers failed (at knocking my socks off).... but they have to do it right.

      Starting at "Bringing Cinematic Justice To The Justice League And The DC Universe As a Whole Part 1" I attempt to lay out what I believe could be the ULTIMATE JL ride..... take a look if you get the chance....

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      Yah, that's pretty cool...but I seriously hope they don't rush it just because they want to play catch up with Marvel and The Avengers. 2015 is gonna be an interesting year.

      JLA will go up against Avengers 2, talk about clash of the titans at the box office...will JLA smash the Avengers record at the box office? And will Avengers 2 come out supreme in the end? Who's gonna be a huge year for comic fans 2015!

      I like the Jessica Biel suggestion for Wonder Woman. I think she is a very good candidate. Thanks for the comment and the update Samantha Sinclair...always appreciated and good to hear from ya!

    • Samantha Sinclair profile image

      Samantha Sinclair 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Did you see news today? WB/DC announced a JL movie to be released in 2015...

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      Goo points Cogerson, I think Spidey just got lost in the Avengers hype, and I'm surprised that it's the worst Spidey flick in the box office to date. I thought it was a great reboot.

      As for a JLA movie, who knows what DC/Warner have going on. Speculation is that their gonna pump out a JLA movie first and introduce all these characters, including the new Batman, and then spin off the characters into their own solo movies....rebooting the new Batman after JLA.

      Damon as the Flash is a great idea! I agree that Man of Steel may just be another Superman Returns. It will do well at the box office, but only because people are really curious to how badly they mess up or how great they spin the franchise.

      Great suggestions and the comment is always appreciated Cogerson! Thanks for the vote up also!

    • Samantha Sinclair profile image

      Samantha Sinclair 5 years ago from North Carolina

      I don't think DC would need to reboot Batman before bringing in the Justice League... We don't need to ever see Batman's face, so he could be played by anyone.

      On Man of Steel, I'm not excited about the movie after seeing the trailer. I will see the movie in the theater most likely on opening day only because I am a Superman girl.

      Cogerson, I love your idea of Matt Damon as the Flash, but Orlando Bloom and Kristen Stewart? I would get Will Smith as Green Lantern and possibly Jessica Biel as Wonder Woman. She's not perfect, but she's the best I can come with & she can do the action. (I think Green Arrow is a great substitution for Batman when Batman cannot be used, or as comparison situation... I don't think you can have both in the first movie.)

      (this was typed from my cellphone, so hopefully it made sense!)

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia

      I would think after the success of the Avengers....a Justice League movie would be a natural step for DC.....I am not seeing it happen before the end of the decade. Batman is their crown jewel.....but I think they will wait awhile to reboot that franchise....I think if they reboot it in 2015 or 2016 it will get the same response that the Amazing Spiderman did...decent but the worst Spiderman box office movie....and nobody really got excited about the new Spidey.

      Green Lantern was pretty weak....and the audiences were very disappointed in the movie....that is not the signs that are calling for a could end up in the why did they make a sequel club...which is filled with movies like The Whole Ten Yards and Ong Bak 2.

      Man of Steel could be a blockbuster....but Superman does not seem to have the following that Batman I think it will be like Superman Returns....makes some good coin but ultimately be a movie that has no lasting impact.

      I think the only way it will get if Christopher Nolan gets with Christian Bale and talks him into putting on the bat suite one more time....let Joseph Gordon-Levitt play Robin....bring in a new Green Lantern like Marvel did with the Hulk....Green Lantern would make a much better supporting character than trying to carry a movie on his own......sign up Henry Cavill......and sign some heavyhitters for The Green Arrow, Flash and Wonder Woman.....people like Matt Damon as the Flash.....Orlando Bloom as the Green Arrow...... Kristen Stewart as Wonder Woman...then you would be cooking with is just never going to happen....voted up and very interesting.

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      I agree Samantha Sinclair...the aliens invasion is just too over played now...which is why I asked who should be the main villain or villains to give the Justice League a run for their money.

      I like your idea of Lex and Brainac, and Lex becoming President would be an interesting concept. The only problem is that Metropolis and Gotham are fictional cities and most of the Justice League are also from fictional realms like Themyscira (Paradis Island) where Wonder Woman's Amazons are and Aquaman's Atlantis.

      It's hard to interconnect these places together to have a good reason why these superheroes ban together. The Legion of Doom concept is great also, but it would be extremely hard to intertwine all the villains together, as many of them are also from different worlds...going into the back stories of all these heroes and villains will be tedious for one movie.

      This is probably one of the reasons why Marvel found it easier to interconnect their heroes. They're all mostly based in real life cities...a lot from New York City (with the exception of Thor, but even Thor has ties with humans as a mythological God from Asgard).

      If Wonder Woman was the only character that was from mythological origins (Amazons of Greek mythos), it would be a tad easier to interconnect the Justice League together, but unfortunately, every single Justice League character is from a fictional place.

      The problem is tying in which people who don't know much about The Justice League (there are people who don't that are out there) aren't totally confused.

      If DC doesn't tie in there films together somehow and duplicate Marvel's formula, a Justice League movie would fall flat. Their universe is extremely based in fantasy and too separated.

    • Samantha Sinclair profile image

      Samantha Sinclair 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Come on, I think just about every action movie this summer has us fighting aliens, except maybe Spider-Man (of course, we'll probably end up finding out Peter's parents were abducted by aliens or something)...

      Actually, I would love to see basically Superman III done the right way and transformed into a Justice League movie with Brainiac as the big bad. Did that make sense? The neat thing about Brainiac is he could be behind everything with Lex as a front, and, of course, Lex coming out of it looking innocent.

      This could then lead into a JL2 with Lex running for President as he is secretly recruiting a Legion of Doom... Superman needs Lex in a position of power so he has that conflict of knowing he is the bad guy without making himself look like the bad guy in the public's eye.

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      Hello Samantha Sinclair and welcome to the discussion. You bring up a lot of valid points there. It's true that a lot of us has watched the Super Friends cartoons and such and we're pretty familiar with the Justice League.

      Grounding all these DC heroes in the real world is a tough act as well, but I think it can be done. Aquaman would be extremely easy, as in terms of plot, in which, of course, us humans and our oil spills would threaten Alantis (though, I bet you Marvel will beat DC to the punch with that plotline for Namor the Submariner).

      Of course, A Justice League movie will need a huge villain to give all the great heroes a challenge in the movie. Who could that be? Aliens? That would be ripping off the Avengers. Darkseid? Once again, I bet you Marvel beats DC to the punch on that.

      Oh, well, maybe we'll see a Justice League movie someday. Thanks for joining in on the convo Samantha Sinclair

    • Samantha Sinclair profile image

      Samantha Sinclair 5 years ago from North Carolina

      I think the problem with DC is that their characters - Batman excluded - are not very complex, or "real," like the Marvel characters. That's why Marvel can create such compelling stories that draw in average movie-goer. That's why Nolan's Batman worked.

      Look at our real-life comparisons to Superman-- Tim Tebow and John Cena are the Boy Scouts of the sports/entertainment world and they are either loved or hated. Those loving them? It's primarily kids.

      I would love to see a Justice League movie, but I wouldn't want DC/WB to just throw a movie together in order to compete with Marvel. It looked like that's what they did with Superman returns, and well, I don't have anything nice to say about that movie.

      I also think they could do a Justice League movie without too much set-up with lead-in solo films... Think about it, those who grew up in the late 70's/early 80's probably watched the Super Friends cartoon on Saturday mornings. Teens and 20-somethings probably watched the Smallville series (which included members of the Jusice League) on CW. Kids today may have watched the Justice League cartoon on Cartoon Network.

      A good portion of America grew up seeing the DC heroes work together in a medium outside comics. We just need them to grow up with us.

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      heya csmart, I'm totally excited to see the Avengers movie coming out tomorrow. I think it's going to truly be a spectacle!

      Thank you for joining the discussion!

    • profile image

      csmart 5 years ago

      I would love to see a Justice League Movie. What do you think about the new Avengers movie coming out tomorrow?

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      Thanks A.K., I'm kinda in agreement with you on rebooting batman. For one, Nolan did an amazing job and set the bar extremely high. And two, I'm kinda sick of all these reboots, and I REALLY don't care to see the Batman origin redone again. I LOVE the character, but I've seen it so many times, and sometimes too much of a good thing isn't really good at all.

      Unfortunately, Green Lantern two was green lit even before the first one began principle shooting. It will be more interesting since Sinestro is the main villain, and that's the showdown we wanted to see to begin with.

      Thanks for the comment and joining in on the discussion.

    • DS Duby profile image

      DS Duby 5 years ago from United States, Illinois

      Thanks for having me, I'm pretty curious as to how they would connect the characters too.

    • A K Turner profile image

      Joseph A K Turner 5 years ago from West Yorkshire

      wicked Hub I personally think rebooting batman again would be a huge mistake, because it was so incredible last time. Batman begins is one all my all time favorites. but even more stupid would be doing green lantern two, Justice league all the way, I say!

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      I hope so DS Duby, but I also hope they have a way of integrating their characters together for a movie, unless they want to do an alternate reality of sorts like with Star Trek. Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation.

    • DS Duby profile image

      DS Duby 5 years ago from United States, Illinois

      A justice league movie would be sweet, maybe Marvel's Avengers will give then the little push they need to get it done.

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      Lamar Johns, I completely agree with you. I think we're all pretty much saying the same thing but in different ways. The way things are going for the creatives at DC and Warner looks like a Justice League movie just isn't workable.

      Who knows though. They could come across a creative genius that could somehow make it all work and kidnap him or her. lol

      Until then, I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one, cause even though I'm not a huge DC comic fan, I'd really loved to see this one be put together. I think it'd be pretty awesome!

      Thanks for checking in and dropping some knowledge to the conversation John...always appreciated!

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      Heya Nickalooch, thanks for joining the discussion. You're absolutely right and stevenix is also...the keyword is doing the film "right." It just seems that nobody in the DC/Warner camp have a clue of making that happen for a Justice league movie.

      I don't really see them making it plausible if they want to keep all these universes separate for their movie franchises. They should do what they did during the bronze age of comics and start trying to reel in more creative minds from Marvel. lol

    • Lamar Johns profile image

      Lamar Johns 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Interesting hub rabbit75. I actually had a good conversation about this last week. The problem is Time Warner and how they handle DC superhero movies. In short, they don't particularly know how to.

      Having separate universes for DC films is not that smart of a choice nowadays. Yeah it would've worked if done right years ago, but now you have The Avengers pretty much setting the bar for hero films. It brings in comic fans and non -comic fans together and that's great.

      Any comic movie that can do that is a win in the box office and a overall good thing for establishing a new set standard for films in these genres. Already they are scripting and planning on filming real soon Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Cap 2, and others. When DC can at least do that, then they have a shot.

      Again, good hub. I expect this to continue to be a conversation starter.

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      Dang Stevenix, you should've wrote the hub lol...thanks for stopping by and all the great info you brought to the conversation.

      I actually didn't mention A-list actors. I mentioned A-list comic characters could inhabit the same film and work, as the Avengers proven.

      However, you're absolutely right that Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth weren't exactly A-list actors prior.

      As for WB being cautious, they aren't cautious enough. They need to change up their think tank over there, because they ain't doing such a great job.

      Yes, Batman is their only golden goose, but like I said, when people get tired of all these reboots, then what??? In my poll, there's more interest for a Flash movie than another Superman movie, and the interest for Green Lantern 2 is roughly the same interest in Man of Steel.

      I do have to say that with at least Green Lantern we saw something different from DC/WB, another A-list comic character brought to the screen. Sure, it wasn't a great flick, but it wasn't disgustingly horrible like the Elektra film.

      As for Zack Snyder wanting his Superman flick to be a separate universe stand alone film...I think that's a mistake...the interest for another Superman film isn't very will be like Ghost Rider...just curious to see how they pull it off.

      If the film is nothing short of spectacular then I predict Supes will suffer the same fate as Green Lantern at the box office. DC and Warner have already expressed a desire to hint at other DCU superheroes with these two sequels, and I think that needs to be done if a Justice League movie would ever work.

      Like you said, Green Lantern showed lack of character development and it threw too much at an audience at once. If DC lets Zack Snyder have his way, throwing in a Justice League movie in the midst of these two different comic continuities without even hinting at other superheroes would be too odd and confusing. It wouldn't work.

      We see a Superman movie and a Green Lantern movie in their own universes and then all the sudden they somehow meet up for a Justice League film without even somehow tying anything in or even hinting at it? That would ubber lame.

      Anyways, thanks for commenting and dropping some knowledge...always appreciated!

    • Nickalooch profile image

      Nickalooch 5 years ago from Columbia, MD

      Stevennix is right. Due to DC/WB struggling with Green Lantern i highly doubt that they get to do JL any time soon. They need to really plan it out and if they do a JL movie first then their seperate movies it will bomb. Marvel did it the right way.

      However, if DC/WB can do it right, I think it would blow away the Marvel movies. I firmly believe that DC's staple kind of characters are much stronger than that of Marvel's. Marvel does have many characters that are solid, but Batman, Superman, Green Lanter, Wonder Woman and Aqua Man are very strong characters.

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      @ Arbsy, hey there and thanks for stopping by. I too think it would be amazing if they could somehow pull off a Justice League movie. Thanks for joining the convo!

      @frubblegum, that's an interesting idea of the Batman reboot ending with a hint at a Justice League movie. However, I'm getting weary of Batman reboots.

      @ Ironman, eh, I hear ya on Superman...not exactly my most favorite comic character either, but I do think a Justice League movie would be pretty awesome! Good to see ya again, amigo, and thanks for joining the convo!

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 5 years ago

      Very interesting observations, as I can tell you did a lot of research into this. However it's worth noting that most of the actors starring in the Avengers were not "A-List" actors when they were originally signed on to long term contracts. Sure, there were a few like Samuel L. Jackson, but many of them were not that big when they came on board like Robert Downey Jr. If memory serves me correctly, his career wasn't that great until he made "Iron Man", as he had quite a bit of history with alcoholism in the past.

      Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth were virtually unknowns before Marvel Studios asked them to play both Thor and Captain America respectively. Sure, some people might've known Chris Evans for those sometimes okay to abysmal "fantastic four" movies, and possibly "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World." However, to say he was considered an "A-List" actor before, it would mean that he's up there with great actors like Edward Norton, Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio and etc. No offense to Chris Evans, but he's not that great of an actor to be up there with those guys. I'd say he's more of a "B-Actor" at best. Not saying that's a bad thing, as it still makes him better than other actors out there.

      As for the "Justice League" movie, I too heard and researched this, as I know what you say is true. However, it's worth noting a few more things here. One, Henry Cavill will most likely not be in the "Justice League" regardless of whatever happens. I only say this because Zack Snyder himself has even stated that the "Superman" reboot exists within it's own solo continuity like Nolan's Batman. Meaning that in Nolan's batman universe, Nolan even said himself that they approached those movies in mind that no other superhero exists other than Batman; hence why you never heard any references in the Nolan batman movies so far to other characters.

      From reading and watching various interviews with Snyder, he says that he plans to virtually do the same thing. Meaning that the Superman that he creates will exist in a separate continuity from the one that's featured in the "Justice League" movie. while the justice league movie itself, it'll exist with it's own separate continuity, with plans to spin off Wonder Woman and Flash from it. Yes, I know that sounds confusing.

      However, DC seems to change it's mind a lot when it comes to superhero films these days. But then again, you can't really blame them. Most of the movies they make outside of Superman and Batman, they often tank at the box office, as I'm sure you remember such films like "Steel", "Catwoman", "Supergirl", and recently the "Green Lantern" film. Therefore, it's easy to see why WB is cautious right now. Plus with the last attempt at rebooting superman underwhelming audiences with "Superman Returns", it now seems the only sure fire bet they have is Batman right now.

      I hope the Avengers film lights a fire under DC/WB to do something soon. However, we'll see though. I think the "Green Lantern" had the most potential outside of "Superman" and "Batman" to become the next big franchise for them. And before anyone says, "Steven, the reason why it bombed was because the story was too complex." Yeah...and I'm sure a series of movies based on "Lord of the Rings" wasn't just as complicated? Possibly more? Granted, it's two different genres, but still. Therefore, I don't see that as an excuse, as a more complex story just means that there's a lot of possibilities a film maker could do with said character.

      I think the biggest problem that "Green Lantern" had was the script. Not only did it fall into every superhero film cliche in the book, but it also tried too hard to introduce too many things at once; when that never should've been the case. Jon Favreau even admitted that the main reason why they devoted so much time into showing Tony Stark train and perfect the armor of Iron Man was because he knew how important it was for the audience not to miss out on those character developing moments.

      Whereas "Green Lantern", he masters his powers way too quickly, and they introduce too much of the story at once to allow the audience to become familiar with his character more. The first film should've focused on him discovering his powers after getting the ring form Abin Sur, and focus film on earth with Hector Hammond as the main adversary. Then around the end, they could have it to where Hal finds himself transported to the Green Lantern Corps to begin his training. And from there, the movie should've ended. This way, they don't throw too much crap at the audience at once, and it allows the movie time to develop the character properly instead of rushing in favor of cliches.

      other than that, i don't think it was that bad of a movie, as most people claim. however, it should've been better. anyway, thanks for writing this, and keep up the good work.

    • Ironman1992 profile image

      Ironman1992 5 years ago

      I was never a big fan of the Justice League. My biggest complaint was that Superman was the face of the team, and he's one of my least favorite superheroes. But a live action movie could be cool if it were done like the opening cinematic to DCUO.

    • frubblegum profile image

      frubblegum 5 years ago from California

      Sorry- I have no interest in this genre. But I do like Batman.

      Maybe a Batman movie that ends meeting the Justice League would leave audiences curious and ask for the answer.

      I like a movie that ends with a hero and a question?

    • Arbsy profile image

      Arbsy 5 years ago from Canada

      A Justice League movie would be amazing. Let hope the success of The Avengers will lead them to making this. Great Hub!