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Wiz Khalifa only rap about weed

Updated on November 2, 2012

Wiz Khalifa only raps about weed and isn't good at it

Wiz Khalifa is an extremely overrated rapper who I feel overall has damaged the hip hop genre. Now my original disapproval of him starts with his lyrical content. I will tell you I have absolutely no problem with weed or it being used within rap lyrics. My problem is when every song is about weed. Snoop Dogg an all time great doesn't even speak about weed as much as Wiz Khalifa. Bone Thugs don't even rap about weed as much as Wiz Khalifa. The only Wiz khalifa song that isn't about weed is "when I roll up." I personally think he wanted to make that song "when I roll a blunt". The problem with that song and a lot of his other songs comes down to his flow. The man sounds like a white kid from the burbs a lot of time. I mean he says, "it's your anniversary isn't it." Which he then leaves a large pause and says, "and your man ain't treating you right." No rhyme no flow. But hey there no weed in that one. My main problem with him comes down to flow. He just seems to drag out end words and pause for a while before he begins rapping again. It's annoying to hit this off beat pauses. Now I'm not saying he's the worst rapper for that you can check out

Now lets get off his lackluster talent and back to the lyrics and music. Musically you can tell Wiz Khalifa is a stoner. He picks beats that are very suburban white kid beats. He can't really find a smooth beat outside of "get on my level" which in my opinion is his best song thanks to the original pimp of rap Too Short. You put a great on the track like that and I have to listen. Too short made a career out of rapping about mostly pimping, but damn he was the best at rapping about it. Wiz Khalifa has such a huge fan base and I understand that if you are from Pittsburgh your gonna rep the only popular rapper from there other then Mac Miller who I prefer. But lets be real, is Wiz Khalifa really that good making goofy sound songs musically like all the lights. What an annoying sample to use. Makes me cringe at times. Black and yellow rep your hood and not about weed so there are some exceptions and again though I feel he is completely overrated he is not the worst. I just feel like the only reason this guy is anything is because every pot head can feel him and every frat boy is like "yeah weed!" Every party girl just says, "its fun it's on the radio." People try to remember what we use to listen to, even on the radio. Songs were never that bad. Wiz makes laffy taffy sound like a somewhat lyrically intricate song which is an embarrassment to rap. Stop riding the weed train people and lets get a rapper with some talent to the front of the line who maybe raps about weed in every other song. Enough skinny jean hipster rap music lets get back to the real rap.

Compilation of songs where all he raps about is weed.

Wiz Khalifa the weed rapper

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    • joedolphin88 profile image

      Joe 3 years ago from north miami FL

      Again my friend strictly opinion. Look he's going to have people who think he's good. In all honesty though if you truly sit and listen to the guy you'll hear most of what he puts out is garbage. He's better now then when I wrote this article but he just has an extremely week flow

    • profile image

      JJ 3 years ago

      This article is horrible

    • profile image

      hustler99 3 years ago

      This article blows, you gotta work on your writing skills or the world of being an English Major / writer will eat you alive.