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Animal Practice Review - 7 Reasons You'll Love Animal Practice

Updated on August 25, 2012

Animal Practice is a new comedy coming to NBC this Fall. On August 12th, 2012 Justin Kirk fans can tune into his latest tv show, where he will actually be the star!

However, he's not the only star and has decided to break one of the cardinal rules of tv by working alongside a monkey. Yes you read that right, his main side kick is a monkey.

Keep reading to find out the top 7 reasons that you'll love Animal Practice, set in Crane Animal Hospital.

7 Reasons You'll Love Animal Practice

1. If you love the humor that Justin Kirk brings to Weeds, then you're sure to love Animal Practice.

2. If you love Doctor Dolittle then you'll love Animal Practice too. It's very similar to the classical tale of Doctor Dolittle. However, there are major differences in that this show isn't for kids. Also Doctor George Coleman cares for the animals one hundred percent. You'd think that the animal owners would be happy, but turns out they aren't.

3. Animal Practice is really funny. I know it may sound a little wacky, but it is surprisingly hilarious. It's about a vet practice that is heading in a different direction now that the main owner has died. George Coleman is now free to take the practice in a new direction. He has one major weakness which could bring the whole venture tumbling down; his inability to treat people properly. He cares so much for the animals and doesn't care how he talks to their owners, which more often than not leads to them deciding to take their pets elsewhere.

4. The vet has an interesting bedside manner which is highly appealing to women and very off putting for men. Watch how Coleman pulls the ladies with his strange diagnosis and animal cures. You really won't believe some of the stuff he says and gets away with.

5. It wouldn't be a true comedy if there wasn't a potential love interest. In Animal Practice, this comes in the form of the dead owners grandaughter, called Dorothy Rutledge. This releationship will become more interesting as the show grows.

6. There are a group of wacky staff that work at the veterinary practice. Some of the antics they get up to are crazy and unexpected. This is not what you'd expect to see from a group of highly trained professionals.

How Cute is Crystal the Capuchin Monkey?

See results

7. One of the main characters is a really cute capuchin monkey. Crystal the monkey is called Dr. Zaius in Animal Practice. For fans of Planet of the Apes, this name should ring a few bells.

Yes this monkey plays the role of a vet and even does rounds in the surgery on a mini ambulance, sirens included. Sometimes she/he even manages to turn up for surgery and is helpful to other animals. However, she/he really steals the show when she works closely with Dr. Coleman.

It's confusing because Crystal is a female capuchin, but is playing a male capuchin in Animal Practice. Could you tell?

Crystal the monkey could easily steal the show and during screen tests was the cast member with the highest scores from the audience. Crystal is so cute that it's easy to see how she won over audiences, but will you be won over?

Animal Practice Cast and Characters

Justin Kirk plays the lead role of Doctor George Coleman. A strange vet that has an affinity with animals. He uses his position to hook up with women. He also tends to speak before he thinks, but is essentially all about the well being of the animals.

Crystal the monkey plays the role of Doctor Zaius. Dr. Zaius is a capuchin monkey and is very close to George, helping him with his everyday activities including rounds, surgeries and running intereference with customers Dr. Coleman doesn't want to deal with.

Joanna Garcia plays the role of Dorothy Rutledge. Her gran died and Dorothy is scared that Dr. Coleman will ruin her granmothers legacy. (Fans will notice that it is Amy Huberman and not Joanna Garcia in the pilot of Animal Practice.)

There are two other doctors in the practice. Dr. Kim Yamamoto is played by Booby Lee and Dr. Doug Jackson is played by Tyler Labine.

Animal Practice Plot

Animal Practice is very much a case of Dr Dolittle crossed with the humor of Scrubs.

Warch the trailer below to start the laughter early and get a feel for the latest NBC comedy, Animal Practice.

Animal Practice Trailer


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    • Lauryallan profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Yeah Crystal is awesome!

    • vox vocis profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm looking forward to this show! The trailer is so funny and the monkey is so cute :)


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