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Marvel's future Ant-Man movie (2012)

Updated on August 24, 2009

  This is one of those Marvel movies for which not a whole lot is known at the present time; I mean we know about the main character - at least as far as how he is portrayed in the comic books, but we don't have alot to go on withthe planned movie version.

ant-man movie
ant-man movie

  The basic background for the character in the upcoming Ant-Man movie is as follows:

Genius biochemist Dr. Hank Pym has used his latest discovery, a grouping of subatomic particles, to create a size-altering formula. Although his first self-test goes awry, Pym develops an instrument that helps him communicate with and control insects suchas ants.  Pym then decides to dedicate his newfound abilities to the cause of justice.  His assistant, Janet Van Dyne, later ends up being given the ability to similarly shrink in stature and adopts the persona of the Wasp. In later adventures Pym tests his ability to grow to gigantic proportions and decides to call himself Giantman.

  Background information about the movie is not so easy to come by.  We do know however that the film is scheduled for a 2012 release date, that Joe Cornish has been tapped to write the first draft of the screenplay and that Edgar Wright has been named as director.(at least for now)  there were rumors a while ago that Eva Longoria might be in the running for the part of Janet but that was based on nothing more than her being photographed with a stack of Marvel comics under her arm, most notably a Marvel Avengers comic book.  Of course this is just the kind of thing that makes me think that most rumors are at best unreliable and at worst somewhat delusional wishful thinking.  Of course a movie like this could really be able to keep the doors open to many other characters and could be an interesting linchpin movie for whatelse is to come in 2012, namely the future Avengers movie. It would not be hard to conceive of reasons for such characters as Iron Man/Tony Stark, Nick Fury, Dr. Bruce Banner, Loki and others to make cameo appearances in this movie, helping to set the stage for the rest of what is to come in both the Captain America and Avengers movies.. One example I could see would be for Hank Pym being on hand to help thaw out Captain America / Steve Rogers in the Captain America movie - if the script writers should end up gong that route.

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