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Marvel's Future Avengers movie (2012)

Updated on August 23, 2009
avengers movie
avengers movie

 The planned future Avengers movie from Marvel Entertainment is the big one.  It is the film that all of the other inhouse Marvel movie productions have been leading up to.  Even with the major success of their initial effort, the Iron Man movie (in 2008), this whole time Marvel has been banking on the success of that as well as its future planned releases of films such as the upcoming Iron Man II, Ant-Man, Thor and even The First Aveneger:Captain America movie to be stepping stones to a major blockbuster Avengers movie at the end of it all.  The upcoming Avengers movie which tells the story of how some of the mightiest and most popular heroes of the Marvel Universe come together to form a super group is the end goal of Marvel's efforts.  Of course, if any of the earlier films should prove successful and end up becoming franchises in their own right then that is pretty much just gravy for Marvel who stands to benefit from the success of any of the planned films.
Even though this movie is very far off in the distance (try 2012) it is not too early to speculate about the likely choice of characters for the movie version of the Avengers or for the likely casting choices that could be made based on the past couple of Marvel feature films, as well as thecurrent casting for upcoming Marvel movie projects.  That being the case, who is currently on the boards?

  Well, if we take a guess at which Marvel characters would be in a future Avengers movie and then go with a combination of confirmed casting for the upcoming Marvel super hero movies and the consensus casting rumors available so far, here is what we come up with:

    Robert Downey Jr.         Tony Stark / Iron Man

    Scarlett Johansson         Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

    Chris Hemsworth            Thor

    Edward Norton                Bruce Banner (rumored)

    Samuel L. Jackson          Nick Fury

    Don Cheadle                   Col. James Rhodes (rumored)

    Lou Ferrigno                   The Incredible Hulk (voice) (rumored)

    Tom Hiddleston                Loki (rumored)

  In addition, I strongly expect that Jon Favreau will be the one who is tapped to direct this movie after his success with Iron Man and his likely success withthe sequel scheduled for the Summer of 2010.  Zak Penn has already been hired to write the screenplay for the movie. With the above cast of characters it is interesting to note that the future Avengers movie looks to be following almost as much in the footsteps of Marvel's Ultimates comicbooks (an alternate and more mature take on the Avengers characters whichincludes such characters as Nick Fury and the Black Widow) as much as the more traditional team continuity of the mainstream Avengers book.  Of course any missing characters does not necessarily mean that they won't be a part of the upcoming Avengers movie, just that their casting has not even reached the stage of rumor yet; obviously, characters such as Captain America will be a major part of this but are not yet cast at the time that I am writing this and are not even at the rumor stage yet.  Of course it won't be long before we start hearing more casting rumors for characters such as Captain america and the like.  We shall just have to wait and see...

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    • movieman10 profile image

      movieman10 5 years ago from Logan, UT

      My roommates went to see The Avengers movie without me! Jerks. Now who am I going to see it with...? shoot.

    • rjbatty profile image

      rjbatty 6 years ago from Irvine

      If the original Avengers is anything like the movie, there will be a lot of disagreement among the group (not a great help in whatever Loki unleashes from wherever.) My guess is that the Avengers will abate an immediate crisis on earth but that Thor II will take up the storyline from where the Avengers left off.

    • Ironman1992 profile image

      Ironman1992 6 years ago

      I'm really looking forward to the avengers. just watched the new trailer.

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 6 years ago

      It's too bad Edward Norton didn't stay on and had trouble with the studio of The Incredible Hulk. It would of been awesome to see him and Robert Downey Jr. play off each other in the Avengers movie.

    • profile image

      Hugh Rollins 6 years ago

      wow!. I really love watching films. Movies are awesome.

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 8 years ago

      wow, very informative. although, you can take out the rumored part for don cheadle already, because Marvel studios has already released footage of Don in the role as Rhodey already, in the upcoming iron man sequel. other than that, good hub.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      great marvel comics. thanks for share. I like it. great hub.