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AVATAR MOVIE - The Most Beautiful Story for New Millennium

Updated on August 20, 2010


Few days ago I finally decided to watch "Avatar" and this movie certainly fulfilled all my expectations, even more: I was deeply touched and pleasantly surprised and watching it was the best possible "food for my soul". Even my "not-so-easy-to-satisfy" boyfriend was amazed by beauty and deep message of "Avatar".

This is the type of movie that can change and purify human consciousness, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and visions, if it is watched with love and curiosity to understand the right message. Avatar is filmed with desire to make us more human.

Avatar has strong message against imperialism, greed, ecological disregard and senseless corporate irresponsibility that sees only earnings not matter what cost and disaster would that bring to the life, nature and people.

Avatar provokes us to clearly see what is wrong or right in our own world, what are mistakes we do while allowing greedy and irresponsible ones to create human future, what we need to change in order to preserve abundance of our own planet. Movie inspire us to stand up for life and nature of Earth and use or own "bows and arrows" (metaphorically speaking) to protect natural values of our own world.



A little bit about story of Avatar...


In year 2154, humans are on business-expedition to Pandora, (Pandora is Earth-like moon of the planet Polyphemus in Alpha Centauri solar system), exploiting Pandora`s reserves of very valuable mineral "unobtanium". In order to proceed with mining operations, they need to remove native inhabitants, blue skinned Na`vis from their most sacred territory...and destroy part of their woods and nature.

Scientists involved in operation created from human and Na´vi DNA avatars, creatures who are very alike to Na´vi but their bodies are mentally operated by humans, who mentally link with them. The purpose of creating avatars is to find the diplomatic way of cooperation with Na´vi what is easier in their bodies, that are much stronger then humans and used to the Pandora`s atmosphere. Scientists also use avatars to explore Na`vi style of life and untamed nature of Pandora.

Majority of military involved in operation (marines) are not so peaceful and cooperative as scientists, they follow strict orders from corporation from Earth which is financing whole operation and expects quick and efficient results in exploitation of "unobtainium".

Paraplegic former marine Jake Sully came on Pandora as an avatar operator .As soon as he experienced all possibilities that he had by being mentally linked to the perfectly healthy and mighty body of his avatar, his adventure on Pandora became full of surprises: in avatar`s body he got lost in jungle and was attacked by hungry animals during the night. From that danger he was saved by Neytiri, Na´vi women who brought him to her clan Omaticaya that decided that it would be good to teach them their ways of life. On that way Jake became deeply connected with Na´vi and day after day was becoming more and more enchanted by deep wisdom of their way of living:

  • deep bondage and respect for the nature
  • ability to bond with animals and cooperate with them, that brings them very exiting and unique experiences (especially when they fly or ride on birds and predators)
  • simple way of living that preserves natural resources of this world and do not cause harm to the nature
  • spirituality that expresses itself in each moment of everyday life and in deep respect for the world in that Na`vi live

Of course, Jake and Neytiri fall in love.

When people on Pandora lost patience and started to more aggressively destroy world of Na´vi and attacked their most sacred places (because there was the biggest quantity of Unobtainium), Jake and few other humans organized all Na`vi people to fight against intruders. Although Na´vi had just bows and arrows against bombs, explosive and military vehicles of humans, their extraordinary courage, motivation to save their world and faith in good purpose lead them to difficult battle against greedy invaders. In the moments when it seemed that there is no hope for Na´vi to win the battle, mighty animals of Pandora joined them to destroy human vehicles, bulldozers, helicopters ...

At the end, Na´vi send whole group of humans back to "their polluted, dying world" and only few of them, who helped them, were allowed to stay on Pandora.

In the last scene, Na`vi helped Jake to pass procedure in which he left his (paraplegic) human body for good and moved completely his consciousness in the body of his avatar, what allowed him to be healthy, strong and fully Na`vi what was his greatest desire.


Is Avatar really anti-military movie?


This movie was falsely accused as anti-military. Is it so?

If only task of military forces (of any country on this world) is to attack, destroy everything and everyone by all sorts of weapons, kill innocent ones, invade and steal natural properties - this movie is certainly against it.

But if military forces - preserve nature, protect innocent ones, show respect for another culture and style of life and help to protect and preserve natural resources (like some marines in "Avatar" did as well as Na`vi warriors) - this movie is pro-military for sure.

It is important to focus human powers in GOOD goals that can benefit interests of whole creation, no matter to which group somebody belongs (civil or military). In the movie Avatar, it is not important who is civilian, who is military: in the both groups there are people who can choose to do good or wrong, so only deeds or misdeeds of certain people and their intentions clearly show which approach is "positive" and which one is "destructive".


Example from recent history of my country: Croatia was for 45 years part of Yugoslavia, Yugoslav army so many times did plenty of excellent deeds on which everyone could be and was proud of: they helped that many roads, public buildings as schools and river-banks were built, they were engaged in various ecological actions where nature was preserved (as afforestation), they were helping civilians after some natural disasters, they were also teaching people how to defend country in case of attack etc. But when 15 years ago Yugoslav army turned all weapons against their own people and started to attack unarmed Croatian cities with bombs and weapons....well this was not OK any more. In that time, very many officers and soldiers quit serving such army without any regret. So "right" or "wrong" actions are often very clear .

In Cameron`s movie happened the same: that ones who did not want to take part in overall destruction of Pandora´s nature and killing the innocent ones because of profit, refused to obey the insane orders and start to protect "what was right to protect" : life, peace and prosperity of one beautiful and deeply-bonded-with-nature civilisation.


Beautiful world of Pandora

Is avatar anti-religious movie? No way, but...


Avatar celebrates and worship deep bondage and respect for nature and life.


Na`vi respect deity they call Eywa that is in everyone and everything: trees, plants and all other living creatures have real connections to each other, forming synapses in a giant world-mind, that manifests itself as bio- diversity and abundance of different life forms and living beings.

Vatican newspapers and radio were criticized James Cameron for flirting with idea that worship of nature can replace religion ( of course, Pope is afraid that Roman-Catholic church would loose it´s power, when people realize that Jesus is not embodied in priests and popes, and that His power and love is everywhere around and can be found in eyes of all living beings).

This is the major problem with some of organized religion on this planet - some of them think that God and nature are not deeply connected or that humans are more valuable then nature as whole.

God`s power and beauty is nowhere so obvious like in nature, one just needs to open the heart, stop to be afraid of nature and will see that everlasting Divine of power is IN amazing world of nature and all other living beings that our modern civilisation is trying to deny or control, instead to respect and cooperate with. When people will be brave enough to realize that, this world will change for good of all of us. Not before.

Nobody is above or bellow the others, no specie has right to think that is "above", "better" or "more valuable" then the other ones because in the true world of nature every living specie is connected with all others and needed for balance. So no specie has right to exploit and destroy the other forms of life "in the name of personal profit" or "believing that is more developed then the others" because this way can lead only to self-destruction and overall tragedy. All problems we face today on our planet are here just because we forgot to follow natural laws and put ourselves on undeserved throne above all other life-forms and living beings.

Many people forgot that true purpose of religions is to bond us more with the world of nature, and make us more dignified beings that can wisely cooperate with the whole creation...not to separate us from the rest of creation: because without nature we cannot survive here, we are part of it, all what we have here is created from natural resources. Donations to the churches will not help future generations to overcome obstacles of natural disasters we are responsible for and we caused while following belief that we are "better", "more valuable" and "most Divine beings that are closest to God and above all"... While being in illusion that this is so, we created all sorts of problems and are ONLY ones who are responsible for:

  • destruction of bio-diversity of nature
  • overall pollution and changing climate of this planet
  • overpopulation without finding ecological solutions so that we all can live in harmony with this world
  • wars and diseases

Many people blame God for natural disasters and injustices we face today, and ask him "Why is humanity facing such pain and unhappiness" when we are supposed to be "chosen ones" and the "dearest God´s children"....

Instead of blaming God, we should blame our own false beliefs of OUR ALLEGEDLY SUPERIOR and EXCLUSIVE CONNECTION WITH GOD that make us that we falsely perceive ourselves as superior race, what God (or nature) certainly cannot tolerate, and clearly show us that something is wrong with us. Well, we cannot deny that results of our beliefs and actions show - that our beliefs are just not correct...and that we need to adjust them to reality and change them. There is no paradise (or other planet) to which we can escape "just because we are humans and call any name of any human God" while we destroy and disrespect all other creatures of nature. Life is not so simple: we can have paradise here if we change our ways.

Earth is beautiful planet, could be really "Garden of Eden" but humans need to change.

We do not need to become the same as Na`vi, (although we have to learn a lot from old tribes of this planet who lived in connection with nature ) but we need to find our own green ways that will allow future generations to be welcomed here.

This is true message of movie Avatar, underneath this parabolic story. We cannot invade and destruct other planets (otherwise we will be kicked out from there), instead of that we need to sort out our own world and ourselves - here and now. And find inner courage to act on right way.

Avatar is here to give us hope and inspiration to follow path of the heart and act wisely. Despite all obstacles, we can win.




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