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Updated on September 4, 2010


Climate is rapidly changing our planet, 90-95% due to the human negative impact (attack) on natural resources of Earth. The rest of causes for climate change (5%) is natural - planet Earth has natural cycles of climate changes, but we are accelerating that process and we are doing it very badly.!! If the natural process of “global warming” only reaches “Level 1”, that what is happening today, due to the human influence, it is hitting Level 10 or higher! Whatever would naturally happened in the next thousand years or so, it might happen the next hundred years or less.

When I started to write this Hub, I was very surprised when I found out how high is percentage of people who still deny human factor as major cause of climate change.

An alcoholic who wants to give up drinking, firstly requires a recognition that a problem exists. The same is with humanity, pollution and climate change: process of recognition the reality and accepting the responsibility goes step by step. As alcoholics cannot give up easily alcohol, humanity has hard time while accepting the fact that we will have to give up our style of life in order to survive here.

Denial of reality is major problem that stop us to start to solve problems immediately :

  • Part of humanity still did not notice climate change
  • some people believe that story about climate change and global warming is just hoax of various governments who want to implement "New World Order" or something similar to that.
  • some people believe that global warming exists, but that is caused from forces from "outer space", or aliens, or God ???... but innocent and harmless human beings certainly did not cause it.

In the process of quitting the addiction to the bad habits, such reactions belong the phase of denial, what is normal process before recognition of problem. Well, it is good to know:

  • if that ones who deny very obvious climate change spend more time in outdoor activities, then sitting in the front of TV or PC, they would notice climate change and global warming for sure. So please, if you are climate change sceptic, go outside and you will notice that climate changed very much last few years changes are more then obvious, all around the world.
  • For that ones who are afraid of implementation of New World Order, I have to comment that NWO has already been here for quit some time: for many countries its first wave certainly started with colonisation and final, second wave started with globalisation that is forced upon a completely unprepared "less developed" world . In order to survive, the countries of Third world have to competite with the richest ones in unfair business game, sacrifice traditional way of life even if it suits them and give their natural resources for almost nothing, what is bringing the further destruction of that parts of the world. Why they have to do that? Because rich countries need to live on resources of the poorest ones.... In addition to that, in every country in the world, that ones who live in poverty or any kind of modern "slavery" while working for interests of minority are also already experiencing "NWO". My point is that we do not be afraid of something what we are already experiencing.
  • The fact is, that scientific researches show that some other planets in our solar system also might experience warming (Mars and Saturn), but not all planets, and on these planets, warming is definitely part of natural cycle. It is very unethical to compare that with situation on Earth, where is the same problem very obviously caused by human activities.
  • .

Today we spend resources of 4,5 planets


On our planet everything is connected, we cannot destroy one part of it to save the another, if imbalance is caused in one big part of Earth, the others have to face the consequences as well. But humanity did more then causing destruction on only one place: we caused major imbalance everywhere in the name of "economical progress".

It is not only economy and politic "guilty" for this mess. We also face irresponsible fast growing of human population all over the world, that is bringing us all sorts of crisis, environmental, economical, material - because we waste so many Earth resources that we would need more then 4,5 planets to give us all what we need to survive. There was never so many people on planet and in addition to that, today we behave completely irresponsible to ourselves and our environment. On the way how we live today, humanity never lived, and never wasted and polluted so much.

Scientists checked layers of ice and soil (through that research is possible to detect pollution of water and air in exact times of history of planet ) and came to the sad conclusion that Earth was never polluted on the way we are polluting it now. Today humanity needs more then 4,5 planets for us to live and continue living, and not only one. Why? Such a big human population needs :


1. Much higher food production then ever. Humans today are in highest percentage carnivores (Even the countries that were traditionally vegetarians today changed the way of eating). So overpopulation of humans produces overproduction of domestic animals that also waste natural resources. Agriculture today is one of the highest polluters of Earth, with all artificial fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, etc.etc, that we need to grow crops and plants fast. Why we need 95% of agriculture? To feed animals, that humans eat.

2. Humanity needs much more energy then ever for electricity, heating, cooling, industry, transport...

3. Humanity is wasting much more water then ever and poisoning at the same time the present water resources because of all above and below mentioned reasons.

4. Humanity NEEDS the industry, transport, because adult humans need job..

5. Humanity needs to progress and economically develop , so it needs new resources, industries, technologies, higher level of standard, better conditions of living....If we do not economically progress we become desperate (and usually blame God or government who disappointed us and did not give us all what we want - now)

6. Humanity needs every now and on some war, so people can play war games with weapons, so we can destruct and pollute some new parts of the planet. It is logical: we did not construct these weapons in vain: we need to use them.

7. Humans adore the cars. And every type of transport. But our fuels are in majority non-ecological, so our transport is one of the biggest causes of pollution, especially in last 4-5 decades.

8. Humanity lives tremendous amounts of the garbage to the planet - there are big small mountains we create with our garbage, that heavily pollutes water, air, soil...

Big part of humanity still would not want to give up anything for all abundance our planet is offering us: neither level of standard, neither already dying economy, neither way of eating, but demands more and more of conditions and at the same time there is more and more of new people, us, humans, with unfulfilled needs and so many requires for "comfortable and dignified style of life ".

Humanity certainly does want too much, still does not want to give up almost anything and gives to the planet, only its garbage, pollution and overall disappointment with everyone and everything, while wanting that we all are rich as Donald Trump, happy, healthy and undisturbed from anything or anybody from "outside". We even force that ones who live simple life according to the law of nature to accept "civilisation advantages" - that brings further problems to the world.


Destruction of Indonesian and Malaysian rainforests for palm oil plantations
Destruction of Indonesian and Malaysian rainforests for palm oil plantations

How we warm our climate by polluting our planet?


What is greenhouse effect and how we are warming our climate by polluting our planet?

The greenhouse effect is the rise in temperature on the Earth because certain gases in the atmosphere trap energy from the sun (water vapour, CO2, nitrous oxide, methane etc). This greenhouse effect, when is natural and not influenced with pollution, actually allow much more warm climate on Earth, because without these effect, heat would escape back into space and Earth’s average temperature would be about 60ºF ( or 16C) colder, then normally is. This greenhouse gases warm our world, and due to them, such abundant life on Earth is possible.

But, when we overproduce these gases and release them in the atmosphere (like 6,5 billion of humans are doing today), we make quick and horrible impact on warming our own planet, because heat cannot escape, so we are destroying the possibility of life on Earth for ourselves and the other living beings.

Majority of human everyday activities, from the time of industrial revolution till today, releases big amounts of green gasses:

  • our factories (industry) release tremendous amounts of greenhouse gases directly in atmosphere or pollute soil and water (from where chemicals vaporize in atmosphere)
  • transport based on oil or cherozine we use: cars, boats, planes, release tremendous amounts of greenhouse gases
  • in agriculture and food production we use tremendous amounts of artificial fertilizers (nitrates) and other chemicals that vaporize from the soil in atmosphere or pollute waters from which these poisonous gases vaporize in the atmosphere
  • our garbage release tremendous amounts of greenhouse gases, through the soil, water and directly in the atmosphere.

At the same time: we destroy the forests and woods that could transform CO2 and help us minimize the bad effects of our greenhouse gases emission.

This is ,of course only part of the story we do (all 6,5 billions of humans), but effect is certainly horrible, and nobody but us can be blamed for that.

Facts about horrible effect of C02 and other greenhouse gases emision is nobody´s conspiracy against humanity, on the contrary: these facts are our reality we need to change. Of course, in case humanity wants to survive on Earth. If we do not change, this planet will survive without us, for sure.

I mentioned here two periods in history of Earth , when there was no ice on poles, when climate was warm, and in both cases such climate resulted by massive extinction of more then 90% of species on Earth: 

Climate without ice on poles - Early Triassic

Massive extinction of species in Early Triassic period


250 million years ago, in Early Triassic perion, it was one ofe the massive extinction of species on Earth. Well, then there was warm and dry climate, no ice on poles...and this climate itself  caused disappearing of species on Earth... It took 30 million of years for climate to recover.


Climate without ice on poles - Creataceous

Massive extinction of specias in Creataceus - 65 million y ago


The Cretaceous was a period with a warm climate and high sea level, this was time when dinosaurs lived on Earth, 145-65,5 million years ago. It is very interesting to know that in late Cretaceous there was no ice on the poles (!) . The Cretaceous ended with one of the largest mass extinctions in Earth history, 65,5 million years ago, when very many species, (including the dinosaurs), disappeared.

Most possible reason for that extinction was gradual climate change - warming the Earth .


Climate change brings droughts and floods

Climate change brings floods
Climate change brings floods

Do you remember Katrina?

Who is responsible for climate?

Are we innocent?

When we discuss of the problem of climate change - and ask ourselves - who is responsible, we just need to go outside, look around and all of us will see the same - polluted crowded cities, polluted countrysides, even wild nature (in many countries is hardly any left) is not so healthy and alive as it used to be.

Climate change and pollution is not danger for human race only.Due to our impact, 2400 species of wildlife (both animals and plants) are disappearing DAILY.

  • In the Amazon Rainforest alone, 1 species becomes extinct every 15 seconds. Every 15 second, can you imagine that?
  • We killed 90% of all large fishes from our oceans and seas.

With our impact. Biologists count that till the end of this century, if we continue with our negative impact on our planet, over 50% of species will completely disappear. Due to pollution, overpopulation of humanity and climate change WE CAUSED. Human beings are currently causing the greatest mass extinction of species since the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. And yes, we are doing that. It is our mistake, our selfishness, our problem to solve. We are race that thinks that our comfort is more important that life of any other species on our planet (and in universe).

If we really suceed in killing 50% of other species, there will be no place of us any more: in order to survive, biodiversity is nessessity.

I am deeply ashamed of every human being who does not have guts to face the consequences of our human activities ...

Is there solution to climate problems? Yes: GO GREEN!


I do not have children, neither personal interest to speak about that. During my lifetime, I will survive all changes in climate that will occur, because I trained myself to survive in much more challenging conditions, then average "modern" person would survive. But although I do not have children, neither will have grandchildren, I do take care about future generations here. But I am also aware, that humanity needs to make big effort TO DESERVE life on Earth in the coming years, decades and centuries.

I would be also very deeply ashamed to pass on to the younger generations, only unsolved problems, and no hope at all.

Can we change our future?

Yes, if we implement green technology instead of polluters. The climate change would rapidly slow down.

How this would affect our economy? Our economy would change, but progress, because this change would allow that we employ much more people then today, when old economy is definitely dying.

There are two main battles we need to "fight" to achieve the "green goals":

  • Personal battle that requires little and big changes every of us needs to implement in everyday life. We need to willingly change our style of life in order to save resources of our planet.
  • To press the governments to change the old ways and politics and accept necessity of green technology and green economy...

Our planet will survive with or without us. If humans extinct, Earth will recover. For this powerful living organism, million of years for recovery is not much. It is only up to us, will we be here, or we will disappear from the face of Earth. We are supposed to be protectors of our environment, - what we have done up till now?

Everyone of us can start change now and decide to set up the priority of respect and love for the nature - because whatever we think about our "civilisation" - the truth is only one: WHATEVER WE HAVE NOW, WE GOT (it is made) FROM THE NATURAL RESOURCES. Human life-energy came from nature.

Let us show appreciation for that and do what is need to be done - NOW. Together we can do it.





Demonstrations for implementing green technologies in Copenhagen, at the time of Climate Conference
Demonstrations for implementing green technologies in Copenhagen, at the time of Climate Conference




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