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The Best Top Ten Trance Music Songs and Tunes of all Time playlist (January 2012) with commentary -New Trance Music Blog

Updated on August 9, 2012

New Trance Music Blog


The Best Top Ten Trance Music Songs and Tracks (January 2012)

My personal top ten list of trance music songs and tracks of January 2012. As I listen to so much trance and to electronic music I decided to release monthly my top ten favourite trance songs and tracks, which I found on YouTube!
If you would like to keep track with my releases, then either subscribe on YouTube to me, because I will always post bulletins, when I am finished with the current month, or sign up on HubPages, where you can go on my profile and follow me.
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10. Dj Sequenza - Lost in dreams (Ti-Mo Remix)

Dj Sequenza - Lost in dreams (Ti-Mo Remix)

Remix of Lost in Dreams! It's more one of these songs, which stick in your head the whole day, because of its unique rhythm!

9. Trance - I'm A Raver

Trance - I'm A Raver

This one was uploaded by Maikel6311. This lovely picture of Miku goes perfectly well with that song. It's one of these typical rave trance songs. I don't really know what to think of these vocals as they sound good, but also somewhat disturbing.

8. Pure Trance - Only if i [Remix]

Pure Trance - Only if i [Remix]

Pure Trance as the title already suggests. I like this one, because of these occasional vocals, which appear in the trance song. I don't know the terminology, but the vocals are quite special (respectively electronically changed slightly - if you know what I mean). This song also sounds after older trance in comparison with the newer songs. It was uploaded in 2008 (YouTube data), but it must have been around already before 2008.

7. Ephexis - Sick Seduction

Ephexis - Sick Seduction

This trance song is a rather exotic one. Hard trance, psy trance and something else that sounds like rock make up this one. I chose this in my top ten, because it was really good made and the I can't help myself to headbang while listening to it ;).

6. Hard Trance Techno - Together In This Dream

Hard Trance Techno - Together In This Dream

A classic! It lasts fairly long (almost seven and a half minutes). After the 1:50 minute a new beat is added and so on and for me, it sounds quite similar to "Mermaid - Trance Arts" if I remember correctly. At about 2:40 it gains on dynamic, but the break will come soon after this. And after the 4:30 minute ca. the whole power of the song impacts on the listener!

5. MYPD feat. Liz Kay - You`re Not Alone (Dan Winter Radio Edit)

MYPD feat. Liz Kay - You`re Not Alone (Dan Winter Radio Edit)

A remix from the popular dance song of Liz Kay. I have to admit that it doesn't sound so much after trance, but it was so good I had no other choice than to feature it.

4. Pure Trance - Timeless

Pure Trance - Timeless

Introduced by a melancholic piano, the song also remains with a rather sad tone. Again a pure trance song, which sticks to the original build up of trance songs in the 90s. Only the piano and the beats make up that trance track, which go very well together and thus creating a nostalgic atmosphere.

3. Yoji Biomehanika - Hardstyle Disco

Yoji Biomehanika - Hardstyle Disco

No, it's no hardstyle! It is hard trance by the legendary Yoji Biomehanika. The connaisseur will notice that it's not the whole track. In fact, the beginning has been left out in this version, as it takes fairly long to build up to the climax. Enjoy old school hard trance by Yoji Biomehanika!

2. DVJ Bazuka - Surrender

DVJ Bazuka - Surrender

Admittedly, this is Russian electro. Please accept my apology if you are mad with my uploading a non-trance song, but this one was so beautiful to me (and also one of my earliest electronic songs) that I wanted to share it with you in my top ten trance music songs and tracks. The vocals set in after 0:50 and the part, which I love so much, comes after 1:20, where it first fades out, but then fades in with an increasing amplitude of the vocals.

1. Hard Trance - Lost in Dreams

Hard Trance - Lost in Dreams

The hard trance version of Lost in Dreams. In the beginning, we had a rather mixed hands-up / hard trance version of it, but this one is pure hard trance. I couldn't decide upon the first place, so I took that one, because it gains a lot of dynamic over the time and has something epic about it.

There will be a lot more top ten trance music songs and tracks released by me monthly. You can either sign up on HubPages and follow me (go onto my icon and click on it - then you'll see a button named "Follow") or subscribe to me on YouTube. I will always post bulletins on YouTube, when I have published my next top ten trance music songs and tracks. But also other things, which I write about!
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