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Bow Ties Are Cool - Doctor Who Costume Accessories

Updated on November 6, 2016

Be Cool Like The Doctor -- Wear a Bow Tie ... or a Fez ... or a Stetson

The Eleventh Doctor (played by Matt Smith) in the British science fiction series Doctor Who has made bow ties cool again -- at least if you're a Doctor Who fan (or a Whovian). And apparently there are a lot of Doctor Who fans out there -- sales of bow ties have risen dramatically since The Doctor proclaimed that "Bow ties are cool".

Other cool things that The Doctor has declared cool are fezzes, stetsons, glasses, and....bunk-beds.

You can be cool too, and wear your own bow tie, fez, or stetson (you're on your own with the bunk-beds!).

During the first episode of Series 5 of Doctor Who, the Eleventh Doctor (played by Matt Smith) proclaims that "Bow ties are cool." His companion, Amy Pond (played by Karen Gillan) isn't so sure. Do you agree with the Doctor or with Amy?

Wear Your Own Cool Bow Tie

You can probably find a good bow tie in most stores that carry men's clothing. For the quintessential early 11th doctor look, chose a burgundy red tie.

There's a very inexpensive pre-tied, satin burgundy satin bow tie that's been selling on Amazon.

I thought it was interesting that a large percentage of the reviews on Amazon for this bowtie are by people who bought it for their own Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor costume, or for another Doctor Who fan. They were all satisfied with the look and quality.

The Officially Licensed Doctor Who Bow Tie

The Officially Licensed Doctor Who Bow Tie

Or you can go all out and get the officially licensed replica of the Eleventh Doctor's Bow Tie!

Doctor Who 11th Doctor's Bow Tie from ThinkGeek.

Oh yes, it's very cool! It's made of a two-toned textured burgundy fabric, and fits necks 15" - 20". It comes pre-tied, but with instructions how to tie it yourself.

And note that the jacket shown here with the bow tie is the officially licensed Doctor Who 11th Doctor's Jacket (which is unavailable now, unfortunately, although you can find some on eBay).

ThinkGeek also sells a purple bow tie similar to what Matt Smith wore with his purple coat in "The Day of the Doctor".


When a T-Shirt is More Appropriate Than a Bowtie

Sometimes you just want to dress informally, but you still want to proclaim that you know what's really cool.

This Eleventh Doctor Costume Tee found on Amazon will do the trick! The shirt is made of quality cotton, and will last for a long time for the Doctor Who fan who wears it. The image on the tee is off the Doctor's jacket from the fifth or sixth series, over a button-down shirt, and the iconic bow tie. And you won't have to worry about actually learning how to tie it!

The Doctor likes fezzes
The Doctor likes fezzes | Source

How About a Fez? Are Fezzes Cool?

Maybe fezzes won't be as cool as bow ties for the general public, but the Doctor pulls it off for himself, don't you think? Especially with the combination of bow tie and fez!

We first see the eleventh Doctor wearing a fez in "The Big Bang", the second part of the season finale of the 5 series. He's picked it up at a museum exhibit where the Pandorica is also on exhibit. The rest of his group doesn't appreciate the fez as much as he does though.

We also see The Doctor in a fez, along with a friend, in the 2010 Christmas special, Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol.

A couple of the earlier incarnations of The Doctor also briefly wore fezzes, so fezzes have been on his cool list for a long time now!

Fezzes Are Cool

"It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool" - from "The Big Bang", Series 5 season finale, 2010. I guess not everyone agrees with him on this.

elope Fez and Bow Tie Kit
elope Fez and Bow Tie Kit
Get the fez AND the bow tie together!

Fez Hats -- Red, Maroon, Burgundy

I remember having a red fez as a kid, buying one during a trip to the Shrine Circus (The Shriners are a fellowship committed to family, personal growth, and giving aid to people in need, and they wear fezzes at their meetings and events). We definitely thought fezzes were cool then!

You can get your own fez on Amazon (probably other places as well, but Amazon is always a good place to check first). There is even a fez/bow tie set that's available for Whovians.

TIP: If you have a red or burgundy bow tie, match your fez with the bow tie.

Image from Tardis Index File: Stetson

The first time we see the eleventh Doctor wearing a Stetson cowboy hat is in "The Impossible Astronaut", the first episode of the Sixth Series, in 2011. The Doctor is in Utah waiting for Amy, Rory, and River Song.

Stetsons are Cool Video

Again, River Song just doesn't like The Doctor's cool sense of fashion!

Wear Your Own Stetson Cowboy Hat - You'll look cool!

A Stetson hat is well-known for its quality and durability, as well as for its styling. There are a number of cool Stetson styles and colors to choose from.

Are you a Doctor Who fan? What do you think of The Doctor's sense of fashion. Is he cool? (Of course he's cool!)


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