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Busting the Boxoffice 2012

Updated on April 17, 2015
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially on movies, and actors she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Summer Movie Madness 2012

Every summer Hollywood breaks out its blockbusters. Superheroes, big action thrillers, maybe a horror movie or 2, and maybe one movie that comes up and is just as good or better (not in the blockbuster way but at least in substance) Kitsch or not I wanted to see exploitation film Piranha 3dd! (This one stunk..liked the one from a year or 2 ago, & I'm a chick) Some fail the critics pen, some lose at the box office for any number of reasons even if it was a decent movie and so on & so forth.

There was at least one I've seen so far that was good but between superheroes coming out the week before, and one of the talents being in another profession no one went to see it; Which is why I say Box office doesn't matter.

The box office is just a popularity contest for what movie had the most hype. Yes some like Avengers DID deserve it others (most of the time) not so much. This is why I write reviews for my friends and on here for you. So you can get an idea of what the slightly above average movie goer thinks

(I'm not just a casual viewer, usually I'm at the movies any time there's one I'm interested in but have had to cut back for economic reasons. I'm not a professional critic as I HATE them, to me they are just snobby & ruin parts of the movie that really need to be left quiet!) The ONLY reviews i take into consideration is that of Entertainment Weekly, as I've realized that my grade and theirs are usually close. The NY Daily News they are SUCH Snobs, all the fun great entertaining movies they give bad grades to, the ones from film festivals (or might be Oscar contenders) get great reviews (even when they make you fall asleep).

Here I'm going to tell you what you missed so You can catch up with it on rental When its available.

Sadly some of these movies I did not get to see (for whatever reason I didn't get to the theater, or they weren't playing in mine)

so therefore its place is estimated to where I think it would land on the list. Once I get to see them all, I will properly list them. As for Savages getting 1 1/2... I like it about as much as I like Avengers but can't bring myself to put it at #1 but it definately does NOT deserve #2.

#8 Magic Mike

Move over Chippendales.. here comes Magic Mike

Alex Pettyfer on Jimmy Kimmel Part 1 Part 2

This is the movie I wanted to see more, And NOT because of Channing Tatum. He has a nice bod, but the face doesn't do it justice. I wanted to see it because Matt Bomer (from White Collar) Joe Maginello (Alcide of True Blood) and Alex Pettyfer from Beastly & I am #4) it's not all Stripping etc. There are enough of the shows however to keep the ladies happy. I won't say who does what but I will say Channing tatum does a couple of Hip hop numbers that I wonder if it was really him doing the 2nd one. Sadly (to me Joe was more in the back ground and only saw maybe 1 solo dance from him. Former wrestler 'Diesel' (I think it was) played Tarzan. (still no idea why him BLAH! Why not Current wrestler Randy Orton (short of the fact he has a crop cut but a wig would take care of that) Taylor Kitsch, Chris Hemsworth lol. Kyle Schmid. OH & those that Love Matt McConahey (sp?) yes he has his own act as well toward the end anyway There is more than just the Male Revue part of this the story is a loose 'autobiography' of part of Tatum's life. He actually Striped for awhile before he was an actor and in Florida where the movie is based. The movie was cool I just didn't like the way it ended kind of Vague. For those that have been to a male revue, are the acts really that corny & cheesey? (see it maybe it's just me. but its also suppose to be funny A-

Summer Simmer

Loved Brave.. Chernobyl diaries was cool for most of the movie and Snow white & The Huntsman was so much better than Mirror Mirror, as for the new Ice age... we enjoyed it.

Snow White and the Huntsman (Extended Edition)
Snow White and the Huntsman (Extended Edition)

Screw 'bella Swan' watch this for Chris Hemsworth's Drunken act pretty funny) & I think my new fave Villainess Charlize Theorn


LOVED this. Finally a Disney Princess I can like.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
The Odd Life of Timothy Green (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

This was a nice family movie, which I don't usually care for but Joel Edgerton was in it, and it looked interesting


#7 Total Recall - August 3

13 for 2013 - a Sneak Preview (well sort of)

So here are 13 of the 2013 Movies I already have listed on my Movie calendar. I will probably add a few more as I find out (or maybe change a couple that are not quite up to snuff)

Vote which movie you think will make the Top 10 in next year, think along the line of what ones would be the Top 5.

Then a comment box will open and let me know what one you are most anticipating.

(Release dates source from dates are subject to change)

Which 2013 Movies Do you think will be on the next Top 10?

See results

#5 Ted

The trailers were funny, but those can be quite deceiving. The movie was 2 hours but didn't feel so. It's a good pace and tone. The jokes are still funny, though the one that made me laugh in the commercials, (Teddy Ruxpin bit. If it was just what was shown In the trailer would have been great but there's an extra minute to it. I've been to Boston before and I don't remember the accent there being so over the top. I think Mark Walberg & 'Ted' were over exaggerating it. (If you've heard a Yonkers accent I think it sounds like a cross between a Boston & Brooklyn accent. (Otherwise I have no idea how to explain it, Now BOTH those accents annoy the hell out of me & probably for that reason!) Oh & then there's a Cameo! (I won't ruin it or who it is) as I was surprised by the doe eyes showing up. I cracked up and it was nice for once NOT to hear about it before hand as when he first comes on screen I didn't realize it was him, then the light went on & realized who it was lol A

Sizzling Summer fun

Given the Fact I've watched this on Video more times than Avengers...I'm making it number 2 (or maybe I should just make a tie for 1 1/2 - 2 with This & Savages

Also the fact I am not alone.. apparently EW as well as the front row panel agree that it was at least a B

BIG DUMB FUN!! The USS Missouri aka "Big Mo" was used in the movie. This was cool movie considering they had nothing to go on other than the main idea of the board game. I think it was better than others taken from books and so on. (they only used the game as a base & created their own story line. Don't worry, they don't yell you sank my battleship. Riannah (who plays Petty Officer Cora 'Weps' Raikes) gets quite alot of face time. DAMN! Alex Skarsgard Playing Commander Stone Hopper & Taylor Kitsch as younger bro Lieutenant Alex Hopper look good in those uniforms! Besides Taylor & Peter Berg being Friday Night Lights (tv series) Alum Jesse Plemons (who Played Landry) plays Boatswain Mate Seaman Jimmy 'Ordy' Ord Not 'great' like Avengers but it's worth a look see PLUS you will be supporting out REAL naval Officers who helped work on the movie! For a movie made from a board game... If you already saw Avengers...this is a go! (better than Skyline & Battle los angels was. Besides Liam Neeson is in it! The aliens aren't really hostile toward humans except those with fire arms. Why the aliens have come (short of receiving the signal from a communication center on top of Oahu we do not know) B

#1 1/2 Savages - July 6

I hear its quite good. I really hope so, as leading man Taylor Kitsch who plays Chon in this really needs at least one of his movies to do good.

Battleship wasn't bad it just had bad luck getting slotted the week after Avengers!

Loved the Target commercial before the movie came on. (at least I haven't seen this on tv yet!) the movie is give or take 2 ½ hours long (that includes previews & waiting through some of the credits for the clue to 'next' movie. Great & Epic (not epic in the period piece Lord of the rings sort of way, & yes I know Vampire Diaries have worn that word out) but this is. You now I have no idea about the comics themselves but I think they finally got their Hulk! And of the Fans boys I know… They thought so as well. CM Punk (wrestler on WWE) who is a fan of comics etc. tweeted "Big Thank you to Joss Whedon for Doing things right" Very Witty everyone gets some funny lines or slapstick humor as well. (yes I'm trying not to ruin anything in the movie even if it was in a trailer as ITS GREAT! I feel bad for all the other summer movies that have to follow! I hope there will be another that will close to as great as this was! I saw a tweet that someone already saw the movie 4 times!! & Yes its worth it! doesn't matter whether its gen. admin. w/ 3-d (its awesome in 3-d & remember I saw it the day it came out didn't wait to only spend $7 for it. So it was $9 + another 3 for the 3-d.I don't know how much Imax lowes & those franchise theaters are but $20 for this movie would be worth it! A+

ON another note... checkout my Movie mania lens to see news on the next Thor & captain america movies.

Sunny Supernovas - The Top 5 BEST of 2012

Marvel's The Avengers [Blu-ray]
Marvel's The Avengers [Blu-ray]

THe PERFECT superhero(s) Movie. Funny, all equal (or so seems) camera time, plenty of action, drama and the best of all Wit.

Battleship [Blu-ray]
Battleship [Blu-ray]

If it weren't for Avengers I'm pretty sure many would have went to see this alien battle in Hawaii. Starring some Friday Night Lights tv series alums and blink and you miss them cameos (did anyone spot 'Turtle'?

Ted [Blu-ray]
Ted [Blu-ray]

Funny the first time you see it, wish my bear did that at least once


What was is your favorite movie this (2012) summer?

What Movie are you most looking forward to seeing?

Is there a 2013 movie I didn't list you are looking forward to?

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