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Copper on BBC America

Updated on December 13, 2014
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Copper the profession not the metal

.Welcome to 1865, New York Five Points District in lower Manhattan. The section was made up the area where Lafayette st. (Near White Street) Center, Worth, Park & Mulberry Street were. This area was predominately made up of immigrants, especially the Irish. See a map here

From the portrayal of the show, it's seems only the rugged Irish were cops.

Detective Corcoran has to navigate the overcrowded rough & tumble streets of this city of immigrants, poverty and disease.

Fans Rally to Save Copper Contacts to save the show

Why Copper will be missed

I have made this lens as a get to know the characters. The first season videos and clips are first and toward the end is where you shall find anything on season 2.

Acces Hollywood Copper Q & A

disclaimer: my appologies if a few pictures may be missing, I am working on the problem as we speak, but with the season 2 finale on the horizon (if not Sept. 15 then then next week will be the finale) there is somewhat NO rush in it as if there is a 3rd season I will have to change at least 2 of those pictures anyway.

Detective Kevin Corcoran

Tom Weston-Jones

Detective Corcoran otherwise known as "Corky' to his friends is an honorable & loyal man. He does his job quite well, actually maybe better the others on the job. He's oft told that; he's too smart for his own good, especially by Sargent Burns. Yes you may say they're crooked after stealing some of the money after a shootout with bank robbers. Detective Corcoran and others grab some of the money for their own pockets and the Captain or Sargent saved a bag for himself.

Corky left a wife and daughter home when he went to war, having long time friend Francis keep an eye on them. When he came home from the war to find out his daughter is dead, and his wife missing he tries to find his wife as well as the killer of his daughter. (Don't worry I won't spoil it for you, though I was sad who it was)

{Facts & Quotes}

-Former boxer

I must say I do love some of the quotes (esp. the 'Prose' threats) that come out of Corky!

-I'm not thinking courteous thoughts right now.

-I'm the Police you stupid Bas***

-You can talk, or you can pray

-Politics might be the right place for Jake, cause no matter how hard you hit the man you don't notice

-Oh I hate alright, but not in general. My hate is as specific as my affections.(You matthew look at the wife in your bed, the Irish hold no patent on her brooding heart.

-You touch me again, You'll find yourself Gone to grass just as your brother did.

-Keep it down, This is a whore house; people are trying to concentrate- Corky to Francis who's been on a bender.

Corky's finest threats

TWJ interview with Lovefilm

Tom Weston-Jones

Born to English & Welsh parents Irma & Nick in 1987; Tom has one sister and one brother Bethan and Ben. He was born in Burton Upon Trent and at some point the family moved to Dubai.

In Dubai his parents were drama teachers

Tom's oficial site

Elle hot Topic


2011 The Night Watch

2011 MI-5 (aka Spooks)

2012 Copper

2012 World Without End

Copper season 1 - BBC America's original series

One of the few shows that's a must watch while it's on live, and cannot miss. I just wish that cable would have more episode orders, but lucky for us season 2 is supposed to be 13 episodes!

Copper: Season 1
Copper: Season 1

This is one of those shows that are so good, it feels like it’s over in 5 minutes!

I love the drama and the few lighthearted moments between characters as well. The period costumes are great, to the point when you see one of the guys (esp. star Tom Weston-Jones) out of character, you almost don't realize it's the same person.

The characters are multi-layered be it secrets, friendships and other relations, struggling with inner demons and then some.

My favorite episode is Arsnic & Old Cake. I think the episode was supposed to have a comedic tone (maybe a bit morbidly or just dark) but The murder they have to solve is a bit 'loopy'. Even when and Andrew explain it to Francis in the end I think I had to re-watch that part because its a bit of a mind bender, it sounds like someone shuffling the cups around with the ball in it and you are supposed to find it. I think Det. Maguire's 'mad hatter' hat (or so it reminds me of) is supposed to be a sign of the crazy in the episode. If there's any one episode you are going to watch.. I do recommend this I guess you can say 'Who's on first' gag.

Copper: Season 2
Copper: Season 2

To start Maguire is in prison, the 6th precinct gets Donovan (which is like a headmaster or something for them) and frankly I trusted him less & less as the season went on. Eva ends up having law trouble & our War heroes have to go back to 'Hell' back down south to the battlefield in their search for 'Booth

Well that first episode was exciting. Maguire is cleared, There's a new 'sheriff' in town, Morehouse is in Love, & Corky seems more worried than usual. The season starts right off where season 1 left off so it's as if season 1 never ended. I really do love the set and the costumes they really are authentic looking & a bit of a secret it's not filmed in New York!! They film it in Toronto! (and if I remember right I think I know the area they shoot) I bet now that filming is over the guys are quite happy to be able to shave, I know Kyle Schmid tweeted he 'shaved my face'. Oh those of you that have heard Macguire sing? That REALLY is actor Kevin J Ryan ll singing! I think so far this season has been better than the 1st! & (Whines) its the last season

I found out there will be no season 3 of Copper, Kevin Ryan aka Maguire on the show posted the sad news to his twitter feed, & the day after actor Tom Weston-Jones that plays Kevin Corcoran aka Corky on the show made note of it as well.


You can talk,

or you can pray


You peeping Toms

Banner ad season 1

Banner ad season 1
Banner ad season 1

Season 1 Trailers & TReats - Meet the Cast

Arsnic & Old cake was my favorite episode.

The War heroes - Dr. Freeman, Morehouse & 'Corky'

Robert Morehouse

Kyle Schmid

Robert was Corky & Freeman's Major in the war. Freeman amputated his leg after (sorry I forget what it was) an accident, but they say it was Kevin (aka Corky). Morehouse lives uptown, parties and drowns his sorrows & pains in alcohol and women.

His father Norbert is some businessman (I can't recall what he does) but they invest money and own I think most of the area.

{Facts & Quotes}

-Went to Harvard

Don't be so modest Corky. He saved my life an got himself a detectives badge. If he's brought me back dead my fathermay have made you a Captain"

Det. Corcoran: Where's the money

Morehouse: ::Knocks on fake leg:: Perhaps I'll start using it as a flask

Fun Facts: Series Finale

* a fan asked Kyle on twitter if he was confy horseback riding in a certain sceen in theseries Finale of Copper, & Kyle replied that he wasn't entirely but thank's to his mom, he grew up around horses.

*While walking through the tall grass; Kyle tweeted that he "Fell Flat on his face tripping over a vine in one take. It was embarassing and hilarious

*His horse's name in this episode was Ralph; "an ex racing horse who relived his old race nightmares with me on his back"

* the director Larissa snuck the guys (Kyle Tom & Ato, aka Morehourse, Corky & Dr. Freeman) real shots in to a scene (I think in the train) and they had no idea

Kyle Schmid

The Torontonian doesn't have to go far to work for Copper which films in his hometown.

Kyle is a big soccer fan, and I've heard he plays on a team when time allows.

Learn more here Kyle Schmid lens

Kyle Fan page

*Kyle via Twitter said he was "hoodwinked" into into playing a cop in season one when they were short on extras. He said "Thankfully it was cut"


2006 The Covenant

2006-2007 Blood Ties (tv series)

2008 Joy Ride 2;Dead Ahead

He was in a 2008 episode of Smallville titled Identity as Sebastian Kane

2012 Copper

He was in the DC tv series Arrow as Kyle Reston alongside fellow Torontonian Stephen Amell.

In this episode titles Legacies his character's family were a bunch of bank robbers.

from 2012 -2013 he played Henry the 'vampire son' of Aiden in the U.S. version of Being Human

Interviews & Assorted Bits

Detective Francis Maguire

Played by Kevin J. Ryan ll

Eye was messed up in a boxing incident.

Det. Maguire has some troubles that like Morehouse he drowns them with alcohol.

Has more than just a Client relationship with one of the girls at the bordello, even proposes, and

Ends up (when trying not to ruin it) with his Relationship to Molly endinging tragically.

Short time later ends up with Mary a teach and the sister of the local abortionist.

By the end of the first season we find he's hiding a VERY dark secret from Corky his best friend, and holds it so well that it's somewhat blindsinging.

In season 2

We are joined by Francis where we left off at the end of season 1 (i won't ruin it) and well is officially off the force. He joins with the Druids a gang who robs banks, makes counterfet money and such.

(keep an Irish accent in your head when you read this) The 2 of yas are grinnin' like Cheshers. (this while wearing a hat that makes me think mad hatter) I'm gonna knock the piss out of the both of yas -To Corky & Andrew....From s. 1 e 6 Arsnick & Old Cake.

Kevin J. Ryan ll

Born Kevin John Ryan June 20, 1984 in Dublin Ireland. Kevin's family have been stone cutters for eight generations, and as a young man finished his apprenticeship.

He is married to DeeDee Pfeiffer & has a Dog named Copper who as I found out from a recent artciel was born the first day of filming & wears Maguires 1306 badge number on her Collar which (kevin noted on hi twitter feed) was made by a fan.

Love these pictures of him

Movie Vine Interview about Songs for Amy

Examiner talks to Kevin J Ryan about Coper & what's next! There's some facts on Kevin in this I haven't heard of yet.

Irish Independant Line in Line out article

Kevin Ryan vids

The parts where Macguire sings in the show, that's REALLY Kevin singing.

My Favorite Character(s)

Between Detective Corcoran, Maguire & Major Morehouse, I cannot decide who my favorite character is. I simply just cannot choose. (I like or not each character inthe series for one reason or other but) I love these 3 each for different reasons but for the most part, I don't think I could even explain.

Sure they each have their own faults as well as honorable graces. I guess maybe if I were to put them together as ONE character then that would be the favorite!

Dr. Matthew Freeman

Ato Essandoh

Dr. Matthew Freeman was in the war with Major Morehouse & Kevin Corcoran, If I remember right as a medic (which would be obvious)

He's married to Sarah and they have a child on the way.

Freeman may be the first person to do forensics type work for the police force, Albeit under the guise of Corky saying he's the genius himself. Why, because in these times no white doctor would listen or agree with a balck doctor.

While in the war it was the good doctor that amputated the major's leg, even though he has not received credit for it. The guys keep it a secret and say 'Corky' did the operation to protect Matthew.

Season 2 brings Mr. Freeman back in five points taking over his mentor's practice.


Took Chemical Engineering at Cornell University before he was 'discovered'

Ghanan decent

Why he looks familiar ... He's had roles in the Johnny Lee Miller series Elementary, The Good Wife, Damages, and movie such as Hitch, Blood Diamond, Garden State & the most recent Django Unchained.

Ato interview

Other Characters

  1. Molly- Francis' favorite girl at the cat house.
  2. Ellen - Corky's missing wife.
  3. Maggie-Corky's daughter (dead)
  4. Eva- played by Frenke Potente is a brothel mistress
  5. Anne- a young girl Kevin comes across & takes care of for a time
  6. Mrs. Haverstraw a now widower because her husband messed with the wrong child!
  7. Mary
  8. Det. Andrew O'Brian

Kevin Ryan (Maguire) Articles

Kevin Ryan's 5 Tenants to Success

Who would play Ryan O'Cleary, if The Tempest Murders were a movie?

Season 2 trailer

So as far as the pilot went, I love that there's some new characters Like Brendan Donovan, as well as the old like MacGuire who has a new look. Morhouse and the widow Haverford have big plans together, with the season 2 pilot the 2 are cuddling and beyond working on invitations for their wedding. Corky's wife is looking better, but he seems to be more troubled than he did last season, and Dr. Freeman's wife lost her child.

Kevin Ryan & Tom Weston-Jones interview

The Record Breaking BBC America to be shown in UK

The Copper boys Talk

Tom Weston jones on Season 2

& I just came across This "battle of the Beards" on facebook

Copper Write up : Bigger Playing Field

The Bad Boys of Copper talk body counts & beards & more

Episode 4 Review

When the Civil war came to New York

Copper Season 2

oh my coodness so much went on in season 2 as did season 1 but, it feels like it happened so fast I'm not sure how to do my write up on the season!! That I think is a first. I will say I am sad that this is the final season (but they are thining of doing a movie, which I hope considering how what was supposed to be the season finale ended. (I really wish for the shows that some what run like a serial, or they have a cliff hanger at the end of a season finale, that they'd make 1 or 2 more episodes (or tv movie) to finish things off. THis should be for ALL shows.

It is a shame as the cast was great with good chemistry and had its funny parts. I think the only actuall true Irishman of the lot was 'Maguire' played by Kevin J. Ryan.

I honestly almost started to cry during parts of theshow,though I'm sure with another season or 2 I really would have. I loved the guys interactions as well via twitter for live tweets during episodes.

Is there anyone you don't sleep with or Kill.

You're a whore & a lush & a psychopath

-Copper Pilot live tweet from "Morehouse' to 'MacGuire'

Brendan Donovan (new character in season 2) - Played by Donal Logue

Donal Logue

I was quite happy to see that Don joined the cast for the 2nd season. If you've seen Blade Don played Quinn who said "I'm going to be a naughty vampire god" if that's not it, then you can see what other shows has Don been in?

D.L.'s wiki page

Brendan Donovan

From what I've caught he's been in the war, was with the police force before he went off. He's now back & taking charge of the precinct. He can be brash but also seems like a resonable understanding person, though I'm not sure if I agree with what he does to a rookie cop in the pilot. (Though was sort of funny)

As the season has gone on (& at the finale or 1 before it) I think it is safe to do a bit more of a write up on Donovan.

When he first came back to five points he definately made an entrance not to mention an impression. You weren't sure from day 1 if he was good or an 'ARSE' I chalked that suspicion mostly that he was the new guy in the show, & a mysterious character so therefore the trust issues. Frankly the more & more the episodes came and Donovan spoke to this character and that, the more I disliked him. He's a caniving, 2 faced, crooked cop or whatever he's supposed to be and the more and more I hope he gets a beating by Corky & Maguire! I hope by the finale I'll have my wish in some way.

image Credit

Crime Blotter

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      5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @gottaloveit2: no problem. I was dying for BBC to come to my cable company & am so happy I wanted it so badly. The station has not let me down! AMC has (well) Walking Dead which I watch a great show. but I'd have to say that BBC America is great. Copper, Doctor Who, & some new show after Doctor who. (can't think of the name but its about a bunch of clones. Interesting at least)

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      5 years ago

      I don't watch much TV but this sounds like an interesting program. Thanks.


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