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Dallas / Fort Worth Area Theater

Updated on June 12, 2014

All About DFW Theater

An insider's view of the theaters and theater companies in the Metroplex - with lots of links. The Dallas / Fort Worth area is rich in theater - rivaling Chicago in the depth and strength of talent and ambition. Honest. See for yourself.

Vibrant arts scenes have variety: here there are long-established large theaters - like the Dallas Theater Center - many well-respected middle-sized groups doing varied types of work - like Kitchen Dog Theater or Stage West - as well as exciting new small groups - changing minute by minute! You can find the classics, the edgy, the commercial, and the esoteric... and, of course, the touring Broadway show. And there are a number of good local playwrights whose work pops up on area stages too.

Every theater group listed here is performing good (to great!) quality work.

The Word is starting to Get Out about DFW theaters: Dallas recently hosted national conventions for both NNPN, the National New Play Network, and TCG, the Theater Communications Group.

(This Lens is an on-going effort - so please visit again.)

Dallas has grown Artsy!
Dallas has grown Artsy!
The Wylie Theatre
The Wylie Theatre


Dallas is a theater town.

It's downtown Arts District is getting to be internationally known - especially now that the Nasher Sculpture Center is well established - but it also boasts plenty of stages... for symphony, opera, traveling shows like Broadway tours and local theater too. Dallas boasts far more theater companies of all kinds than do comparable cities like Houston. (More like Chicago.) Below are a few of the professional companies working in Dallas, large and small.

(On the right, the new Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre in Dallas' downtown Arts District.)

Casa Manana's geodesic dome
Casa Manana's geodesic dome

Fort Worth

Fort Worth is just across the creek - the Trinity River, that is, both branches, East and West. Fort Worth and Dallas share talent: actors, directors, designers, and audiences make the drive often - and they try not to do it at rush hour.

Addison Theatre Centre - WaterTower Theatre
Addison Theatre Centre - WaterTower Theatre

Mid-Cities and Suburbs

Sure Dallas and Fort Worth have their share of theater, but there is lots going on all around them. Below are a few of the professional companies.

Everyman's (and Woman's) Theater

Why should the pros have all the fun?

There's sometimes a snooty tendency to discount amateurs, but there's a lot of fun to be had at DIY theater - for audience, performers, and the folks backstage. A lot of comradery. Of experience. Good work gets done. Community theater is an important breeding ground for talent that will someday go on to better-paid professional gigs.

Civic Theaters

The pros aren't the only ones creating theater - some very good work comes from community groups too. Here are just a few of them.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Dallas Theater Center
Frank Lloyd Wright's Dallas Theater Center

Tour the Dallas Theater Center

Take a video tour!

Now Find It! - Got Map?

You can't possibly navigate Dallas and Fort Worth without a good map. This one's laminated so you can plan out your whole theatrical campaign. Got markers?


A few of the places to look for reviews of shows.

Other DFW Theater Links

Theater people like to hang out together - maybe because we know we'll understand each others' jokes?

For anyone interested in keeping up with DFW auditions and theater jobs, shows, news, or gossip or in Broadway news and gossip (plus TV and misc. theater tidbits), you REALLY need to sign up for John Garcia's Column, the free e-newsletter. (Not a blog, sadly) Send an email to: and be sure to put "Subscribe" in the title of your request. It has about 20,000 subscribers!

Looking for a Traveling Show?

What's on tour and coming through Dallas and Fort Worth?

More Guides to DFW

Insiders' Guide® to Dallas & Fort Worth (Insiders' Guide Series)
Insiders' Guide® to Dallas & Fort Worth (Insiders' Guide Series)

I haven't checked this one lately, but the Insiders' Guide series is very useful.

A Parent's Guide to Dallas-Fort Worth (Parent's Guide Press Travel series)
A Parent's Guide to Dallas-Fort Worth (Parent's Guide Press Travel series)

Parents need a guide. My advice? Hie thee to The Dallas Childrens' Theater and to Fun House Theatre and Film. Terrific!


Books on the area, the buildings, the architects

Fair Park
Fair Park

An excellent book on this group of historic Art Deco buildings, written by a real expert.

Fort Worth and Tarrant County: An Historical Guide
Fort Worth and Tarrant County: An Historical Guide

Fort Worth has beautiful Art Deco buildings.


Evening Out Wrap - What every woman needs...

An elegant - and warm! - accessory for an evening at the theater.

This sophisticated looking version of the classic Pashmina will not only enhance an evening outfit by draping tastefully around your neck and over your arms - it can turn daytime business wear into evening wear. Most importantly, it will keep you from freezing when the theater's air conditioning is set too low. If you're going to the Kalita Humphreys theater this is BASIC SURVIVAL GEAR.

And if the play is a Tragedy?

Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet

When the weepy part arrives - - -

How retro-cool.

More Elegance

Drama Mask Cufflinks
Drama Mask Cufflinks

Dramatic cuff links.


Obviously this is just a start - I know there's a lot more info to add. Please let me know what I've left out or messed up! What other information would be useful.

What am I missing?

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