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Walking Dead - Torn Apart, Cold Storage and most recent: The Oath.

Updated on May 17, 2014

Walking Dead webisode series.

Walking Dead season 2, it was decided to do a side story within the Walking Dead universe, and proceeded down the path of web series.

Free to watch online (and also on youtube, of course), they go into detail of other families during the crisis; expanding that others are suffering and trying to make it as well. This web series (spin off in other words) does a good job of relaying that to viewers and fans of the series. 6 episodes, roughly (and under) 5 minutes a piece, it certainly is an easy watch. Especially for fans who cannot get enough.

Walking Dead Webseries - This story, made exclusively for the web, tells the tale of one of The Walking Dead’s most iconic walkers.

*Episode synopsis available only if you click the 'watch on youtube', or thru the AMC website directly.

Torn Apart: New Day.

Torn Apart: Family Matters.

Torn Apart: Domestic Violence.

Torn Apart: Neighborly Advice.

Torn Apart: Step-Mother.

Torn Apart: Everything Dies.

Webisode season 2.

With the return of Season 3 of the Walking Dead, they have updated the AMC website in regards Walking Dead Webisodes, titled Cold Storage. Like Torn Apart for the Season 2 webisode series.

This is a shorter webisode season, being 4 episodes than 6 like Torn Apart. It also has more of a 'flow' to it with an absence of an opening title.

As an added treat it also shows off some photo-cameos of Rick, Lori and Carl.

Cold Storage: Hide and Seek.

Cold Storage: Keys to the Kingdom.

Cold Storage: The Chosen Ones.

Cold Storage: Parting Shots.

Webisode Season 3

Following the webisode trend of slightly adding to the overall atmosphere of the Walking Dead universe as well as making something new without it being derived from something existing (like the show for the most part when compared to the comics). In this case, this is just like season 2, in which case it is shorter in episodes and has it's own cast that is separate.

Watch and enjoy.

The Oath: Alone.

The oath: Choice.

The Oath: Bond.

Wrapping up what's Torn Apart, Cold Stored and under Oath.

With that stated, looking back in the first season, there were plans for a webseries to be a prequel to the Season 1 Pilot episode. Described as "Black Hawk Down but with zombies." This iteration was cancelled, partly due to the one who had the idea and due to AMC not wanting to spend for such.

So, if you like Walking Dead, the show or the graphic novel (the games only if you were aware of the other 2 sources), then both of thes mini webseries could easily quench a bit of that appetite.

With the release of the Walking Dead Season Two, this webseries was included in the Season Two collection. Making the webseries easily available via internet and dvd/bluray. With Season 3 concluded, the Webseason 2 should havebecome available once Season 3 is released. But it seems to have been excluded, even from the Bluray version of the season. So right now, it is only available on youtube or directly off the AMC home for Walking Dead.

Perhaps the webisodes will in some fashion get their own release in some physical medium - which would be nice, not going to lie.


The first Novel, The Rise of the Governor, is the beginning of an alleged planned trilogy of novels to come.

This first one, is exactly how the title is, the Rise of the Governor. The story is a spin-off from the graphic novel, which explores the past of Season Two's Governor - Brian Blake. Depicts his struggle in the earlier days of the undead apocalypse, of those close to him, his deeds (plus those with him) to those he comes across.

This wikia describing the book has it broken down into 3 parts. This may be an alternate to just a simple incarnation of a Novel. This will be looked into.

The next, The Road to Woodbury, is the second Novel.

The successor to the Rise of the Governor, still mainly about Brian Blake and his continuous growth of power as the Woodbury Governor, but this is mostly in the perspective of Lilly Caul and her (and her companions) travel to Woodbury.

Following, The Fall of the Governor, the third Novel.

Split into 2 parts, first part out now, second mart out March 2014. Remains true to the events of Walking Dead in general, but from the perspective of the Governor. Being mentioned by Robert Kirkman, it will "pretty much the same place as in the comic", yet exploits some of the Governor's psychosis.

Game and Graphic Novel in video.

The long loved Graphic Novel was the beginning of the Walking Dead World from which spawned a few incarnations and spin-offs.

Recently there has been a series of downloadable games for both PS3 and XB360. Currently, it spans up to Season 5. Following Lee Everett during the undead apocalypse.

There is also another game, recently released called Survival Instinct. Being developed as an action/survival First Person Shooter following Daryl Dixon and his brother, as they arrive to Atlanta. Being developed by Terminal Reality.

For those unfamiliar with the comic/graphic novel, AMC has created a simple Motion Comic, literally covering the events of the first comic in a video fashion, or the first part of the graphic novel version - Days Gone By.

Full with partial animations, sound effects and voice overs.

Motion Comic - Volume One: Days Gone By.

To be continued...

That is all for now. I'll update upon discovering more content, either new or what I have missed.

Updated: 11/08


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