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Facebook is Not Your Therapist

Updated on April 5, 2012
We are your therapist
We are your therapist

Facebook is a public domain. You have the ability to make changes to your account to make it so only your friends can see, but really how many people just talk to their “friends” on facebook. When friend lists are 100-500+ people I tend to doubt that all these people are your so called friends. Given that fact that unless you have your security levels set extremely high on facebook your posts and picture can be scene by thousands of people across the world. So given this fact we are people sharing so much information on facebook?

I am on Facebook and so many status updates are people complaining about a partner, how their child is behaving, why they are having such a bad day….. This is not what the site is made for. It is not to help you deal with these types of situations. Do you really want advice from your friend’s cousin on how to deal with your husband? Are you looking to the people to determine the best way to raise your child? Do you think a virtual pat on the back is all you need? To me facebook is not the place to air out your personal issues because Facebook is not your therapist. The advice you receive from friend number 265 on your list may be good advice or it may be awful. If you are having issues in the home why would you put them out their for thousands to see, I mean if my wife told all of facebook how mean I was in one given moment I'm pretty sure that wouldn't make the situation better. If anything it will just upset or anger the other person.

Therapy and Facebook are different, they are not the same. Therapy is a place you can go to deal with issues. Facebook is a place you go to make a fun comment, post something silly, talk about the news…things that aren't happening in therapy sessions.

Another concern especially for the 18-35 age group is now 1/3 of all employers check social media sites before hiring a person. That is correct they go and see what you post, how you respond and so forth. So those drunk pictures, pictures of you smoking weed probably not the best. The complaint of how awful your life is probably doesn't paint the best picture at all either.

Remember when facebook was created it was a place college students go meet people to hook up with. This was never intended to be free online therapy.


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    • ramurray3 profile image

      ramurray3 5 years ago from New York City

      Yeah facebook can get you in trouble.