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Famous Cheaters Who Traded Down

Updated on August 4, 2011
Some Cheaters raise more eyebrows than others.
Some Cheaters raise more eyebrows than others. | Source

The media seems to find never ending fodder for stories about scandalous affairs by celebrities, athletes, and politicians. Somehow, each new famous cheater outdoes the one before him, sometimes even before the previous story has been fully exposed.

Whenever cheating is involved, human nature often leads us to think that maybe the cheater was trading up. We assume that the cheater was reaching for sweeter fruit, a more youthful partner, or a lifestyle full of riches. But sometimes in the world of famous celebrities, we are aghast, not at the fact that someone cheated, as much as the person the cheater chose to cheat with.

Let’s take a look at four famous cheaters who have raised millions of eyebrows for their questionable dalliances, as we continue to ask, "Why?"

Arnold Wasn't Trading Up in that Pantry!

Was Arnold's clock cleaned when he locked that pantry door?
Was Arnold's clock cleaned when he locked that pantry door? | Source

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger tops my list of famous cheaters who traded down. This Mr. Universe-turned-Actor-turned-Politician married Maria Shriver in 1986. Maria is a rich, beautiful and accomplished woman in her own right, and their marriage seemed a good fit on many levels. However, during his early campaign days, there were undisputed claims of sexual misconduct by politician Schwarzenegger by six different women. So, coupled with his celebrity, past allegations and obvious big ego, many might not be surprised that Arnold was finally caught being a bad boy.

But who would have dreamed he would risk his twenty-five year marriage and reputation by sneaking into the pantry with household helper, Mildred Patricia 'Patty' Baena? When the picture of Mrs. Baena flashed across America's television screens, I'm sure that a collective gasp could have been heard. The fact that the Sperminator engaged in activity that fathered a child with Mrs. Baena, who was not image boosting or beauty queen material, gives most of us reason to wonder, "What was he thinking?". Trading up was obviously not on Arnold's mind in that pantry.

Trading Down May Not Work for Prince Charles?

While Prince Charles may have always loved Camilla Bowles-Parker, true love may turn out to be a bad reason to trade down.
While Prince Charles may have always loved Camilla Bowles-Parker, true love may turn out to be a bad reason to trade down. | Source

Prince Charles

Infidelity was rumored about both Prince Charles and Princess Di, so I'm not finger pointing. And in some ways I have compassion for the pressure Prince Charles must have felt to marry someone acceptable to Britain's Royal family, even if it left an emotional void. But it is hard to understand how such a captivating, beautiful and internationally beloved woman could have played second fiddle during their royal marriage to his rumored romance with long-time lady friend, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Eight years after Princess Di's death, it was as if Prince Charles thumbed his nose at blue-blooded tradition when he married Camilla. Maybe he was making a statement that love should be based on qualities that may not be visible to the regal eye. Even though it doesn't look like things are working out between them, the Prince of Wales wasn't afraid to trade down to a woman with less beauty and charmisa than Princess Di to follow his heart, even if the Queen is now saying, "I told you so!"

Jesse Trades Down for an Alley Kat?

Jesse's marriage to Sandra Bullock took a nose dive due to his affair with tattoo artist, Kat  Von D
Jesse's marriage to Sandra Bullock took a nose dive due to his affair with tattoo artist, Kat Von D | Source

Jesse James

What was Sandra Bullock's Monster truck ex-husband thinking when he chose tattoos over class? Oh yeah, he wasn't thinking with his head. Or maybe he just didn't feel as comfortable with class as he did with 29-year-old reality TV tattoo artist, Kat Von D, since he lacks any.

Kat might not be all that bad without those tats, but as they are, they would be a definite distraction for a beauty pageant judge. I'm guessing that Jesse finds the little dots across her forehead and flowers dripping down her neck sexy, and that he might also be attracted to her, um, other qualities. But giving up sweet, sexy Ms. Bullock for an alley Kat will never square with most fans. What does she have that Sandra doesn't? Tattoos!

Will Jesse consider a free Kat special branded on his butt a good exchange for trading down?

Mutt Versus Shania: She Wins the Trade!

Why would a man named Mutt trade down for anyone when he has Shania Twain?
Why would a man named Mutt trade down for anyone when he has Shania Twain? | Source

Mutt Lange

Why any man would want to cheat on Shania Twain, especially her ex-husband Mutt Lange, is beyond me. Okay, he is a successful record producer for acts such as Maroon 5 and Nickelback, but the guy is appropriately nick-named 'Mutt', given his mangey looks. You would think that such an insane looking dude would kiss his lucky star at bedtime every night after landing a lady like Shania!

But no! He not only passed on kissing that star, he also cheated on Shania; one of the kindest, sexiest and most successful ladies to have ever hit the country charts. To make matters worse, he chose to do it with their mutual friend and her business secretary, Marie-Anne Thiébaud. It's hard to say if the photos I've found of Thiebaud were on a good or bad day, but Mutt definitely traded down from Shania based on Thiebaud's looks and unethical behavior. According to the tabloids, Thiebaud and Lange are still going strong, so I guess he didn't trade down in vain.

The better news, however, is that Shania traded up for Ms. Thiebaud's sexy ex-husband and Swiss businessman, Frederic Thiébaud. Apparently, they fell in love while mending each other's hearts over their cheating spouses, and married New Year's Day 2011. I'd say that Shania is not only more beautiful than her ex-husband, but a better trader as well!

The Takeaway

Trading down isn't behavior exclusive to these four famous men, and I'm sure a new man will top the list someday soon. When that happens the girls (and many of the guys) will scratch their heads again in amazement.

But maybe the takeaway for every woman should be this: When a man cheats, famous or otherwise, it isn't always because the other woman is prettier or skinnier or more interesting. Instead, she should realize that it usually isn't about his woman's flaws but most likely about his own insecurities. His incorrigable behavior might simply be due to the fact that he's out of his league and senses it's time to sink to a new level.


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    • Joy Schantz profile image

      Joy Schantz 6 years ago from Surprise, Arizona

      Jan: Good coverage! Remember Bill Clinton and John

      Edwards, too!!

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      you forgot hollie barry's famous cheater down. who would want to cheat on her? he said he has a disease and needed help and treatment. if hollie cant cure it no one can.great hub.