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Do you think Inception is one of the best movies of this decade?

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    creativeroyposted 5 years ago

    When I first watched Inception, I became completely spellbound by it's concept, visualization, act, story telling, background score and for everything. I think Inception is one of the greatest movies of this decade. What is your opinion about this?

    1. Ironman1992 profile image60
      Ironman1992posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I like Inception, but I don't think it's one of the best movies of the decade.

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    AaronHubb89posted 5 years ago

    I loved Inception, the whole movie blew my mind, and I didn't realize that I was clenching the seat throughout the whole movie until the end when no one figured out if it toppled over or kept going and then I realized that I was falling back into my seat exhaling largely lol

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      creativeroyposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Yes Aaron you are right, even when I was watching the movie it took me to a different state of mind. Just like I was dreaming. Whenever I see Inception it really feels great.

  3. JakeFrost profile image61
    JakeFrostposted 5 years ago

    I really loved the film, however I don't think it would suit all people. When I was going around saying how excellent it was most of the feedback was that they didn't understand it or it was too confusing. I can understand how they may get confused but I myself was able to follow it though and absolutely loved it, I like a film that takes working out, otherwise I just get bored.

  4. securityproducts3 profile image40
    securityproducts3posted 5 years ago

    I think it is one of the best movies of the decades because not only did it have an amazing story, phenomenal acting, great directing, but because it really mixed things up and showed us something that we haven't seen before. Not many movies come out that do this.

  5. AshtonFirefly profile image78
    AshtonFireflyposted 5 years ago

    Amazing movie. Incredible.