Save Live Music on Broadway - Why Pit Orchestras are Shrinking

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    talfonsoposted 5 years ago

    Have you heard of Save Live Music on Broadway (

    It's an advocacy site to push producers (both on Broadway and elsewhere) to preserve and switch back to live music. They are so sick of the cost-saving, space-saving measures of replacing some or even all musicians with taped music or automated machines with MIDI (don't mind taped music much, but do prefer at least semi-live).

    Well, I added something to what the group calls a disturbing trend. I linked it to the shortage of quality school music programs. Budget cuts, less teacher funding, preparations for standardized testing (especially here in FL, home of the FCAT), and other circumstances cut them short, thus producing less musicians and creating less pit orchestras.

    So what do you think of the issue? Have you attended a performance with a pit orchestra (can be opera, ballet, or theater)? In your own words, why are pit orchestras giving way to tapes and automatic machines? Do you prefer live music over taped, the other way around, or prefer at least semi-live music like I do?