Star Wars or Star Trek?

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    lesliebyarsposted 4 years ago

    Which do you prefer? Star Trek or Star Wars? Please be specific and give your reasons for favoring one or the other.

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      Beth37posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Hmmm... Star Wars has more of a mainstream appeal. You could not really know the characters, you could maybe not have seen the other movies (had you been living in a cave) and still enjoy the basic blockbuster feel, the story, the good actors, the special effects, the fast pace... etc.

      Star Trek on the other hand may be more of an acquired taste, although the more recent ones, the past two, seem to target a more general audience. The original series, have a cult following. Ive seen every episode who knows how many times. The New Generation... ugh. I could never get into... Levar Burton in those ridiculous glasses... and Piccard... I was like, "He's not Kirk! Who does he think he is?! Get out of the Captain's seat you fraud!" lol... It wasn't the original... why didn't they just name it something else? "Not Star Trek" would have been a good name. Anyway, ppl really feel attached to Star Trek cause it came into their homes from the time they were little.

      Star Wars was awesome... I mean, remember when you saw it in the theater? I was in the 4th grade and Darth Vader was so intense! It was good against evil in images so real they practically defined the words. And when I went to the first Star Trek movie, it was like... what the heck... I grew up with these ppl... they used to be no bigger than my hand and now they're as big as a building... it was like your family made good, you know?

      Anyway, both great movies and that's my take on your question, was that specific enough? smile