Marvel Studios claims that they have movies planned until 2028!

  1. Stevennix2001 profile image90
    Stevennix2001posted 3 years ago

    According to various sources, Kevin Feige claims that marvel studios has movies involving their marvel characters planned out until 2028.  Personally, I think that's a bunch of bulls***.  No way in hell does any studio have that many freaking movies planned out for the next fourteen years, as that's impossible. 

    Granted, I think they have a good rough draft on stories they want to do from now until 2028, but i doubt it's anything written in stone.  If I'm honest, I think their current plans are set until avengers 3, but I doubt they have anything concrete beyond that at this point.  After all, one bad movie or two can change everything, as a lot of things can happen during a 14 year time span.  Therefore, if say ant man flops at the box office, and marvel had already planned on an ant man 2 in 2018, then that's going to screw up their plans now won't it?  Or what if say during that time, sony loses the rights to spider-man for some odd reason?  Do you really think that marvel studios will pass up an opportunity to reboot spider-man into their mcu, even though they already planned a ms marvel film per say?  granted, i would love to see a female superhero get her own movie but let's be honest with ourselves.  If you had to choose which of those characters to start a movie franchise with, then you'd pick spider-man. That's  just a fact.  Anyone who says ms marvel is just kidding themselves, as there's no way in hell you pass up an opportunity like that.  Granted, i doubt sony will ever lose the rights to spider-man because he's too marketable of a character for them, but I'm just naming that as an example to prove my point.

    Besides, I think the main reason feige made this announcement was to put down wb and their dc properties, who seem rather gun shy to make any long term plans with their superhero properties these days.  however, what are your thoughts on this?