Live Your Dreams and Don't Let Anyone Discourage You

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    realtalk247posted 2 years ago

    From the words of Oscar-winning actress Sally Field. Her agent gave her advice that changed her life and gave her fuel to take charge of her life and pursue her dreams despite the obstacles.  What were the words that changed her life?

    The advice/feedback:
    Her agent at the time said, "You can't get into film. You're not pretty enough. You're not good enough."

    Where would she be today if she accepted someone's negative viewpoints and limitations regarding her achievement? 

    Belief in yourself does not come from the validation of others.  It comes from something deep inside you. The love you have for yourself and the determination to live your goals comes from within.  So for those women who have been objectified and told you are not deserving or worthy of love, success or achievement ….......PROVE THEM WRONG!  Believe in yourself and fire the people who are not on your team.  Friends that impart negativity or block your blessings-let them go. They were never on your team anyway. Refuse to reveal your dreams and achievements to those who are not supportive of you.  Feed yourself through-out the day positive messages and listen to inspirational / motivational speakers.  Most of all, never rob yourself of love or career success because you accept the negative messages of others.  You Rock Sally Field!