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Sonny and Cher I Got you Babe is 50 years old

  1. Stacie L profile image91
    Stacie Lposted 2 years ago

    Its hard to believe that it's been 50 years since this song came out. i remember watching them on variety shows and their own show. This is one of my favorites.

    http://www.msn.com/en-us/music/gallery/ … ss-BBlKKPE

    1. Kathryn L Hill profile image81
      Kathryn L Hillposted 2 years ago

      Such a sweet idealistic song.
      Cher was her own person in those shows, yet to me, her attitude was strangely cynical.
      And they divorced.

    2. colorfulone profile image86
      colorfuloneposted 2 years ago

      I got free tickets to see Sonny and Cher in concert so I brought a friend.  We enjoyed it.

    3. KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image81
      KoffeeKlatch Galsposted 2 years ago

      I can't believe that song has been around that long.  I remember them singing it on their show years ago.  Woo, time sure does fly.