1. annasmom profile image77
    annasmomposted 22 months ago

    Holy Toledo does the singer from this band look and sound like Jim Morrison!  I am just delighted.  I used to have a college roommate back in the eighties that insisted Morrison was still alive.  Does anyone know about possible children of Jim Morrison?

    1. Dean Traylor profile image83
      Dean Traylorposted 22 months ago in reply to this

      Glenn Danzig has been around for a long time. He started with the Misfits as a hardcore punker and then went heavy metal (and a very dark version, too). He was also known for being extremely muscular. Unfortunately, he may have lost his marbles. He's trying to sue every living person on the planet.

  2. annasmom profile image77
    annasmomposted 22 months ago

    Dean, I did see that Danzig formed in 1986 or '87, I will have to check out the Misfits!  IDK about the guys mental capacity, but his voice and face are so similar to Morrison it is amazing.