Good America! The Brits Are Here...The Sequel

  1. fierycj profile image77
    fierycjposted 8 years ago

    The thing I like about guys like Scorcese & Tarantino is they're at least not afraid to do something thats not corny or phony or something.Everybody does that now.I like Coen Brothers,they're the exact opposite of corny.And I was happy with the Oscars which I'm usually not when The Departed & No Country For Old Men won the Best Picture Award.Two movies that are atleast decently done.So while Hollywood is taking a turn for the worse,guess who's coming in..the Brits.Yeah,the same people who used to do stiff guys saying 'grand' while pinching their moustaches are now doing great flicks,superb flicks.Guy Ritchie deserves a pat in the back,honest to God.Snatch will remain one of the greatest films of all time,& I dont care who disagrees.Also, Layer Cake by Matthew Vaughn.These movies will remain entrenched in history.The Brits are showing Americans the ropes now.Check a movie like Hot Fuzz,now thats comedy.Greenstreet Hooligans,even Slumdog.If an American did Slumdog,he would have messed it up. THE BRITS ARE HERE!