How to Convert All Videos to .MP4/.AVI/.FLV/.3GP/.WMV/.MOV/.MPG/.RM/.R

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    packerpackposted 8 years ago

    You joined not even 1hour back and the only activity shown for you is writing one post, probably the above one. Looks like your sole purpose is to use Hubpages as a tool for your product promotion. This is not wrong but it should not be done like think. Better write a Hub on this rather then start a thread here for promotion.

    So far your your product is concerned, it looks good (I always appreciate good work no matter what). Have you used the free tool ffmpeg.exe because I have already achieved it all using it. If you have not used it then just check it out, it is good maybe it will help you improved your product even  more. I too have written a converter like the one you have but it is completely for my personal use.

    Once again, better write Hub instead to using the forum for product promotion. Hub will give your product a better exposure. Moreover using forum for product promotion is against the forum rule here!