Tell me what you know about Shirley Scott, Organist? any records by her?

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    Mr blues 2 jazzposted 8 years ago

    Tell me what you know about Shirley Scott, Organist?  any records by her?

    She was married to Stanley Turrentine,

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    Dink96posted 8 years ago

    I've asked my husband to write a blog on this.  He has 19 of her records and when I printed out her discography from the web, it was 49 pages!  We're listening to her right now---and swingin'.  Hopefully, Hacksaw will get something written for HubPages by the end of the weekend!  We saw her play at the YWCA Leadership Center YEARS ago and she was smokin'!  Nothing can compare to the sound of a Hammond B3 organ...NOTHING! Almost a religious experience in and of itself :-)