Is there anybody out there in the world that can explain celebrities to me?

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    Tyk52posted 8 years ago

    Is there anybody out there in the world that can explain celebrities to me?

    Why do we idolize people, who at times are the worst examples of what we can and should be.? What makes them worth the praise and attention? Why don't we watch people who actually dedicate there passions and skills to promoting a better world?

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    rbnstr08posted 8 years ago

    Celebrities in general are people who make themselves known whether it is for the benefit of the many or for a few distinguished group.   As the saying goes, "it is difficult to please everyone", so if you are not pleased with them then you are one of those "everyone".
    It is not a matter of watching them, it is a matter of following the steps they take to please people.  A good example is like us, writers here at HubPages.  There are celebrities posting articles better than me, or us.  Unless I write an article for the general good and benefit of members here, I will never make it to the celebrity writer status.  What is important to people like us is to have and maintain the values of what we represent.
    Remember, if there are people who stand by your principles and advocacy then, you are a celebrity in your own right.

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    Shahid Bukhariposted 7 years ago

    Celebrity ... in the currently popular sense of the Concept ... coined by the Media ... means, the one, Celebrated ... by a people.

    Celebrity, is dervived from, Celebrate, meaning, to Act happily ... in Marking, or Honoring ... an Event... hence, the association, of a person with such an Act ... occurence, induction, or Event... thus, the Actor.

    Therefore, a Person, as the Symbol, in whom to Celeberate; is "Celebrity."