What is your guys oppion of Global Warming?

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    elaina123posted 8 years ago

    What is your guys oppion of Global Warming?

    Do you think it is real? What do you think might of cause it? what IS Global Warming?

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    sarahbeth0316posted 8 years ago

    Global warming is a devastating mishap caused by us, human beings.  In my opinion,  we have destroyed the greatest tool we were given, earth.  We do not need cars. We do not need A/C. We do not need packaged and processed foods.  We do not need television, or the internet.  Without all of the things that we look at today as necessities, we would be in a lot better shape.  Our morals would be totally different.  I definitely think Global warming is real.  Have you ever seen the movie 'The Day After Tomorrow?'  Though dramatized, this last month has proven the movie.  An earthquake in California, then two in Haiti (+) One in Chicago,  Then in Chile.  Meanwhile, Tornados spotted in the Phoenix area;  Severe cold fronts in the Sunshine State, and 'the storm of the century' in northern America.  Global Warming is real, and will eventually claim us.  There are ways to delay the effects, but it's finality is inevitable.

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    stuntman707posted 8 years ago

    Wheather you like it or not, it's going to happen. There is now more awareness more than ever. Governments are setting emissions goals for companies and developing greener ideas. However I think it can only be slowed down. People have to realise that change is not going to happen right away. Projects like wind farms do not meet close to energy demands. One wind turbine produces 2MW of energy while a power station makes anywhere from 500MW to 2GW. Most solar power technologies are too expensive at the moment and are only about %30 efficient. The Hydrogen car would be here right now if it wan't so difficult to produce and control hydrogen. All these problems require years of research and development, but it is happening. People are not going to change the way they live today so we need to find a solution that sustains the way we live today, and thats when we will be able to slow down or stop climate change.