where can i find old time British radio programs from 1940 to 1955.

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    bbdunfordposted 7 years ago

    where can i find old time British radio programs from 1940 to 1955.

    in thew war years we use to listen to pc 49 every night.perry mason.bing crosby.(little liver pills show).armchair theater.so many good shows.which helped us through the dark days .but cant hear them any more why.you can get all the american shows .for free .through thoise years but british no.dont we count any more.and we paid the tv license.and still get nothing.why.

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    Mike Craggsposted 7 years ago

    The only place I find old radio stuff is on The Internet Archive. Most of it is American but there is some British stuff from the fifties.

    I think one of the reasons for a lack of old British comedy is that it was broadcast live and not recorded, so there are no copies of some of the early stuff. That and the BBC had a policy at one time of deleting a lot of the old stuff to free up space.

    I can only suggest trying the link below and see if you can find anything there that appeals.


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    Shinkickerposted 7 years ago

    BBC Radio7 broadcast old prgrammes. Usually they are from the 1960's onwards. However they also have regular airings of old Goons shows so maybe they have other programmes from the 1950's too.


    But I think Mike is right, most material would have been live and many episodes would have been deleted.