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Hello Hubpage Chummies

I live in Italy and enjoy writing articles on Hubpages, both humorous and serious. My main topics are usually travelogues and pieces about rock music but I will write on anything that I find interesting even if nobody else does.

My other interests are travelling. I love working abroad again and experiencing a different culture.

I like the movies especially World Cinema and am a big fan of French films. I like good Hollywood movies too although most of them seem like cartoons nowadays.

I like to sketch when I have the patience, otherwise I just scribble incompetently for half an hour then tear up the paper in an infantile rage and pretend I'm a tortured artist.

I also like to read when I can concentrate or sit still for more than five minutes. Books with pictures and large writing intended for the short-sighted help keep me awake as I need to turn the pages more often.


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