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What are the top tens signs of the end of the world? (not seriously) What would

  1. ptosis profile image73
    ptosisposted 7 years ago

    What are the top tens signs of the end of the world? (not seriously) What would be on your list?

    I don't know where on the list she would be but Sarah Palin winning the presidency in 2012 would be on the list......I got the next one off the net, "NASA blames the Moon turning to blood on global warming."


  2. Phaseus profile image60
    Phaseusposted 7 years ago

    Computers suddenly not working, random events of apocalypse or disaster increasing in rate, large amounts of war, zombies, random people dying of nothing, the four horsemen descending from heaven, people suddenly disappearing, sun blowing up, moon blowing up, space and time blowing up, time travel experiments going wrong. Whoops, more than 10.

  3. sturner1 profile image66
    sturner1posted 7 years ago

    Realizing the book of Revelation was live and in effect.

  4. Ashantina profile image59
    Ashantinaposted 7 years ago

    1. The disappearance of the internet
    2. The disappearance of mobile phones
    3. The disappearance of ipods
    4. The disappearance of TV
    5. The disappearance of radio
    6. The disappearance of music
    7. The disappearance of books
    8. The disappearance of newspapers
    9. The disappearance of food
    10...... oh, and The Sun!

  5. L a d y f a c e profile image79
    L a d y f a c eposted 7 years ago

    Kim Jong Il teams up with Putin and Palin to take over the world
    Tim Hortons and McDonalds go out of business
    Giant tap dancing ants with top hats invade
    the moon is stolen by someone named Gru
    Businesses and major corporations suddenly turn honest
    Somalia pirates launch a national peace rally for the children
    It becomes illegal to look someone else in the eye without advanced written permission
    Charities actually start giving their earnings to the charities they represent
    AI Law Enforcement Robots replace cops.

  6. Knowledge>Power profile image78
    Knowledge>Powerposted 7 years ago

    I have just two words: jersey shore

  7. Emily40 profile image60
    Emily40posted 7 years ago

    Yes i think the same thing about Sarah Palin.
    Next on my list will be:
    - The America dollar dropping ( a depression/bankruptcy)
    - A one world Government and a one world Church
    - The new world order

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