whats that classic movie about a drifter who gets on with a crew building power

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    jeffro1972posted 7 years ago

    whats that classic movie about a drifter who gets on with a crew building power line towers?

    whats the name of the classic movie with a drifter who gets on with a crew who are putting up power line towers, the drifter becomes good friends with the foreman and the foreman dies near the end of movie?I could swear the drifter was played by a pretty young henry fonda but cant seem to find this movie again...thanks

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    MystMoonstruckposted 6 years ago

    Slim (1937) IMDb synopsis: Farmer Slim (You're right: It's Henry Fonda) joins a group of workers who are building power lines. Foreman Red (Pat O'Brien) teaches him all he needs, and soon they become friends. When they are fired because they protected their boss in a case when another worker died by falling from a mast because he was drunk, they go to Chicago, where they spend their money and visit Red's girlfriend, Cally (Margaret Lindsay). Cally, who Red doesn't want to marry because he doesn't want to make her a widow if he has an accident, also falls in love with Slim. On another construction site, Slim is stabbed by a personal foe of Red when he accused him of sabotaging a ladder Red was going to use to 100 feet. Cally, a nurse, comes to the hospital near the construction site and gets Slim back on his feet. Cally proposes marriage if Slim stops working, but he refuses and joins Red on a dangerous job, keeping the power during a blizzard. Working next to 88,000 volt power line means taking a deadly risk, as Cally, Red and Slim know.

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    Manpower (1941) IMDb synopsis: Hank McHenry (Edward G. Robinson) and Johnny Marshall (George Raft) work on a road crew for the power company. In a freak accident Hank is injured and is promoted to foreman of the gang. One night, Hank and Johnny meet Fay Duval (Marlene Dietrich) in a clip joint, but tensions start to show in the road crew as rivalry between Hank and Johnny increases.