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Should we have a woman as the President?

  1. selene383 profile image60
    selene383posted 7 years ago

    Should we have a woman as the President?

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    Longhunterposted 7 years ago

    I don't think the sex of the person has anything to do with whether or not they'd make a good president. Man or woman, we could do much, much better than we have now. Unfortunately, I'm not impressed with the likely candidates of 2012 on either side.

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    Dandraposted 7 years ago

    Yes Sarah Palin is definitely ready to be nominated...ah what a world

    Seriously, it makes no difference, male or female.

  4. KAYKAYKAYLA profile image37
    KAYKAYKAYLAposted 7 years ago

    absolutley not. A woman for president would be worst then what we have now. Come on people get real here is a reaction that a would have to something bad that happened "oo no that is really sad, what a horrible man." Then she would ball like the speaker of the house. With saying that putting the speaker of the house as president would be a step up from a woman. Don't be mad ladies, but it is true women can not be leaders, because they lead with their emotions. While men think more logicial, its a proven fact. Now, I a not saying that women are stupid and I do think Sarah Palin is smart but not for president. Just think about it a little, a woman would have war every 28 days, and want a national shopping day