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Which "Planet of the Apes" film is the best?

  1. retrobandit profile image84
    retrobanditposted 6 years ago

    Which "Planet of the Apes" film is the best?

  2. Titen-Sxull profile image88
    Titen-Sxullposted 6 years ago

    The original Planet of the Apes from 1968.

  3. Garlonuss profile image78
    Garlonussposted 6 years ago

    Overall, I'd have to say that the first and original 1968 version of Planet of the Apes is the best. I enjoy parts of Tim Burton's re-imagining, but it's more of a simple action movie than an intriguing exploration of the human experience. And I like the ability to see the actual ape revolution in Conquest, but it only means anything because of the original movie.
    Honestly, though, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is definitely worth seeing. Depending on what you liked of the original, this new one may disappoint you. But for me, it was very satisfying. And the whole series has strayed so far from what was in Pierre Boulle's original novel that I have no problem accepting a lot of changes to the mythology of the world.
    But definitely the Charlton Heston original is the best.

  4. Barbsbitsnpieces profile image81
    Barbsbitsnpiecesposted 6 years ago

    Planet of the Apes doesn't get better than Charlton Heston's 1968 original. The scene of his discovering the crumbled Statue of Liberty on the beach is mind-boggling.