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I'm quite the fan of movies, TV, books and pretty much anywhere a good story can be told. I have just over 900 titles in my DVD collection (including seasons of TV shows) and am constantly adding to it. For a look at what I've got so far, check out www.absolutely-radical.com/flix.php where I list out my entire DVD collection and I include a brief synopsis, my personal response and rating for each, and other pertinent information. Some of my more recent DVD acquisitions may not be completely updated, but I work on the list quite frequently.

To check out my YouTube channel (where I post a series of kids animations and other silly videos) check out http://www.youtube.com/user/garlonuss

For an example of my own story telling, I have a short story available digitally through Barnes & Noble for the Nook. It's called "Andie and I" and is for sale through the Barnes & Noble website at www.barnesandnoble.com/w/andie-and-i-ryan-peterson/1026963160.

I also have a few products available for sale at Zazzle.com that aren't necessarily movie related, but which have my own drawings and designs on them.

Also many of the movies I talk about in my hubs and other related items can be easily found at my Amazon store: Zombie Cafe.

Now, as you read through my reviews, you may notice that I do tend to give a 6 or above to most of the movies I review. This doesn't mean that I'm overly generous or accepting. The convenience of my position is that I'm not a professional who has to watch every piece of crap that comes by. I can choose what I want to watch and what to review and believe me, I use that discression at my ... *um* ... discression.

But if you want proof that I don't love everything, check out my hubs for (among others) A Clockwork Orange or Ultriviolet or Catwoman.

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