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Top ten scariest movies to watch on Halloween

  1. jimmythejock profile image87
    jimmythejockposted 6 years ago

    Top ten scariest movies to watch on Halloween

  2. profile image0
    setarehposted 6 years ago

    I want to see The Human Caterpillar, but i think it's probably more disgusting than scary. Which is why everyone refuses to watch it with me, haha!

  3. thebeast02 profile image84
    thebeast02posted 6 years ago

    I'll give a top 5, ten is too many for me to think of right now...

    1. The Strangers
    2. Paranormal Activity
    3. The Exorcist
    4. The Original Nightmare on Elm St series
    5. The Last House on The Left (I feel compelled to warn you about this one, if you haven't seen it. There is a rape scene, that though it doesn't show much, is extremely disturbing. I was 21 when I watched it for the first time with my girlfriend and had to literally get up and walk out of the room because it had me feeling sick.) The movie itself is very well done though.

    and a bonus that's fun for Halloween, but not really scary...Zombieland

  4. rockrweasle profile image69
    rockrweasleposted 6 years ago

    A Nightmare on Elm Street (original)
    Interview with a Vampire
    Amityville Horror
    Night of the Living Dead
    Rosemary's Baby
    The Shining

    The Exorcist isn't listed because I'm too afraid to watch it... which probably qualifies it smile

  5. diydiva profile image81
    diydivaposted 6 years ago

    Top Ten Scariest Movies;

    1. The Hills Have Eyes;  Suspenseful, gory and you have no proof this isn't happening out there somewhere.

    2. Halloween; Is an explanation needed? 

    3. Poltergeist; A classic scary movie and perfect for Halloween.  A ghost is haunting a typical suburban family and the move makes your terrified you'll be haunted too.

    4. The Exorcist; One of the most gut wrenching horror films ever made.  A young girl is possessed by a daemon spirit.

    5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre;  Did you know there is a copy of the film in the Modern Museum of Art.

    6. Halloween (1978); You must watch the classic as well.

    7. Carrie; Her high school prom makes yours look like a fairy tale.

    8. Blair Witch Project; This first person film is chilling and with the lights off on Halloween night you'll be jumping out of your seat.

    9. Hazing; Low budget film with a great sorority/fraternity Halloween theme.

    10. Beetlejuice; Great for families, or those who can't handle the scarier ones.