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What was the worst April Fool's joke you experienced?

  1. stephhicks68 profile image87
    stephhicks68posted 6 years ago

    What was the worst April Fool's joke you experienced?

    Describe how you were humiliated by an April Fool's joke, or how a joke that someone tried to play on you was silly or lame

  2. Rochelle Frank profile image95
    Rochelle Frankposted 6 years ago

    My Daddy pulled the same silly joke on me every year-- and I always fell for it. He would wake me up on April 1, after taking the phone off the hook, and he told me that there was a telephone call for me.
    I staggered to the phone, half asleep and said "Hello?" two or three times before realizing I was hearing a dial tone.
    It wasn't fair-- I've always been a sound sleeper and a slow waker-upper.

  3. Man from Modesto profile image84
    Man from Modestoposted 6 years ago

    A funny story about the best prank my mother ever pulled on April 1st. read more

  4. sunbun143 profile image85
    sunbun143posted 6 years ago

    Actually I played one on my facebook friends last year. I had just told everyone I was pregnant with my 2nd baby (true). Then for April Fool's, I announced that I was expecting twins! Everyone was so excited and happy. I regret getting everyone's hopes up....I know you have twins...but it's particularly rare for people of Asian descent to have multiples, so I thought they would know I was joking...but I guess they didn't. I laid low this year...no jokes big_smile

  5. stephhicks68 profile image87
    stephhicks68posted 6 years ago

    These are great! 

    @ManfromModesto - my mom woke me up one year saying that it had snowed and school was cancelled!  I raced to the window and flung open the curtains to see the sun shining, trees blooming and birds singing.  Sorely disappointed.

    @Sunbun - that is a really good one!  I used the fact that we already had twins (plus 2 additional kids) to trick my husband a few years ago.  My doctor had required some blood work (related to my diabetes) and I went to the lab on April 1.  Later in the afternoon, I stopped by my husband's office and walked in - trying to look shocked and pale.  I told him that the lab had called with some unusual results and that I was pregnant again.  You should have seen the look on his face!!!!  I still chuckle about it years later....

    Happy April to you all - no more practical jokes, right?  smile